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apple watch series 4
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Apple announced the latest iPhone’s for Q18, but they have also launched a new smartwatch series 4. Guess what? The Smartwatch 4 turned into a sensation than the iPhone’s, and I will reveal you the best features of the 4-series.  Apple 2018 Watch’s starting price  is $399 + and it’s going to make a big change in your everyday life with the latest chipset and tweaks Apple has come up with. I personally think it’s a Banger from Apple.

Top 7 Features of Apple Watch Series 4:

#1 Display

The highlight of the series 4 is the larger display that grabs your attention. Apple watches never had an edge-to-edge display on the smartwatches, and it has a 30% larger screen compared to the previous generations.  In short, it will be more fun to use Apple Watch with its beautiful display.

#2 ECG (electrocardiogram)

The manufacturer has improved the ECG functionality, where the series four can monitor your heartbeat, and provide you with accurate stats. The company also promised to offer software patches so that you can use it efficiently. The ECG (electrocardiogram) technology on the series four verified by the American Heart Association and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
But, I would like to inform you it does not replace the regular doctors’ visits, but it works as a decent heart monitoring tool.

#3 Speakers & Mic

The WatchOS 5 developers have introduced Walkie-Talkie that boots the ability to chat with the SIRI and answer the FaceTime calls. You can make calls over the WIFI or cellular, but you need a powerful speaker to listen to the words from a phone call.
Apple has worked around the speakers to tune it and increase the volume without consuming extra space, and the volume has increased to 50%, and you will notice it at the first experience. The Apple has also moved the microphone to tune it, and they have added it to the opposite side, and it cancels the echo.

#4 Bluetooth 5

The iPhone X came with Bluetooth 5, but the Apple Watch Series 3 did not get a Bluetooth upgrade. However, the company has worked around to provide Bluetooth 5 that increases the range, transfer speed, and compatibility. You can connect any latest smartphone to the Smartwatch 4, but make sure to use the latest edition of the iPhones for better support and performance.

#5 Processor & Chipset

The WatchOS 5 supports the latest Apple S4 Chipset, and the developers have tweaked WatchOS 5 to perform at maximum level with the series 4. Apple Watch speed and performance has doubled with the help of S4 Chipset. You can notice it when you launch the applications and making changes to the Apple Watch. The latest S4 Chip does not consume a lot of space, and it does not consume your battery as well, yet it is a powerful processor that can handle the difficult task without wasting smartwatch energy.

#6 Gyroscope Accelerometer

You got an improved version of the gyroscope accelerometer, and it can detect 2X times range and 32 g-forces to be exact. The latest processor doubles the speed rate, and it adds new features in coming software patches.

The Apple has worked around the emergency calls, where Apple Watch’s new gyroscope accelerometer trip, slips and falls, and you have an option your screen to let the watch know that you are fine. In case, if you don’t respond to the alert, then it automatically reaches emergency services for you.

Note: The fall detector feature is turned off by default and Apple announced that it is available for adults aged 65 or above.

#7 Colours Trend & Build Quality

Apple accounted that Q18 version machines are available in GOLD colour, and Apple Watch is not out of the list, and you can buy the Apple Watch in Gold colour so that you can match it with your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. We don’t know whether the build quality is going to be stainless steel or aluminium, but the colour is going to be vibrant to match the latest iPhones.

The previous editions of the Apple Watch, they got metal back with a glass cover so that you can monitor the heart rate. However, they have switched the glass to ceramic and applied to the high-end stainless steel. Overall, the build quality is going to be decent, but it might feel slightly different in your hands.
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