The one thing that the Apple Watch may lack compared to traditional watches is the long battery life. With all the features the Apple Watch has in a tiny package, it’s understandable that it consumes a lot more power than a traditional watch, so you have to charge it regularly.

Charging a watch seems rather tedious for most people, so it’s crucial for an Apple Watch charger to be as easy to use as possible. Wireless charging is a must, and you have to be able to put it on and take it off the charger as easily as possible.

There are plenty of chargers out there that offer those features, but these are the five best Apple Watch chargers that truly stand above them all.

01. Nomad Base Station Apple Watch


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The Nomad Base Station is both subtle and powerful, letting you charge your iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly in a single dock. There’s the iPhone dock with Lightning connector on the top, then there’s the magnetic charging surface on the body itself for your Apple Watch.

The sleek and straightforward design allows for a hassle-free charging experience. There are three high power charging coils for a seamless charge, and the overall design embraces a vibe of understated elegance. This wireless charging station is not only highly functional for home and office use, but is also compact, stylish, and super cool.

02. Belkin PowerHouse Apple Watch + iPhone


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Belkin is a trusted name when it comes to mobile accessories, and the Belkin Powerhouse is their iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock. You can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time safely and wirelessly.

Your Apple Watch can be magnetically hooked up to the charger via the magnetic charging module, while the iPhone itself is set on the adjacent platform and hooked up to the charger via the Lightning connector. A neat little feature is that the Lightning connector can be raised up or pushed down to accommodate your phone case. Set this on your nightstand or office table, and you can unhook both of your devices effortlessly when you need them.

03. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


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For those looking for a simple charging dock that offers infinite style, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is perfect. It’s a simple wireless charging dock that you can set on a table or nightstand that you can just plug in without having to fiddle with anything else.

It connects via Lightning to USB cable, which then connects to the Apple 5W USB power adapter. The watch itself is placed on the magnetic charging dock which can charge literally any Apple Watch. Our favorite feature about this charging dock is the cord – it’s over 6 feet long, which means it can be placed nearly anywhere in the room, even when there’s a shortage of sockets.

04. Mangotek Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Stand


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as of June 27, 2022 10:46 pm

The Mangotek Apple Watch Charging Stand is a stylish and modern-looking charging stand that will look good on any office table. The stand itself has a sleek metallic finish and a solid base, so it won’t wiggle around.

Aside from the base and charging module on top, it also has USB output that lets you charge other devices like your iPhone, tablet or any other device, and a button to charge the Apple Watch magnetically for truly wireless charging. It comes with an actual wall plug, which is rare nowadays as most accessories come with a USB jack. This stylish charging stand looks just as good as it works.

05. Twelve South Forté for Apple Watch

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It looks like a case for eyeglasses, but the Twelve South TimePorter is an all-in-one charging solution for your Apple Watch. It features a magnetic charging dock that also holds your charging cable and AC adapter neatly tucked inside.

The case itself makes the whole thing travel-friendly, so you can take it everywhere with you while on the go, knowing that your Apple Watch accessories are all safe and sound. Apart from the impressive charging power, one of its best features is the innovative design – the magnetic pod is placed on top of the case that doubles as a stand for your Apple Watch for a convenient checking of time and other important notifications while charging.

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