We Bring You our Best Apple Watch Games 2020

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The Apple Watch is a groundbreaking wearable. Apart from keeping you connected via messaging features, there are numerous programs you can download to include new functionalities onto your Smartwatch, and having a decent amount of games is a must!

Finding a game that’s enjoyable and worth your time can be hard, given the number of alternatives out there. We’ve checked out the most popular, and have selected our favorites with something for everyone, including RPGs, enjoyable minigames, or instructional games.

Our Best Apple Watch Games

1. Pocket Bandit

Are you seeking to pull off an elite heist whilst waiting around in the physician’s office or on your next commute to work? Pocket Bandit is a game exclusive to the Apple Watch, offering you the chance to climb the ranks to King of Bandits!

With over 100 game options, modes and adventures, the rapid in-and-out action we all expect from Apple games and the kick-back buzz of the win, this is a staple for your Apple Watch.

2. Rules!

This colorful puzzle-based game, which includes awesome mini-games, is fantastically easy to dip into when waiting for an appointment. Fun for both amateur and pro gamers, another must-have game.

3. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is an internet Trivial Pursuit-style game that pits you against gamers around the globe. The program includes cool Apple Watch companions so you can begin displaying your smarts before you even start playing. With tens of thousands of questions, Trivia Crack is a must-have for any game fan or trivia buff.

4. Runeblade

This is not your normal RPG. Runeblade invites you to a mysterious world where you must battle using your powerful blade and arcane magic, combating shadows and horrors who seek to defeat you, all on your Apple Watch!

Designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, and with over 2,000 adventures, look out for the mighty artefacts and you may just survive!

5. Tiny Armies

At first glance, Tiny Armies may not seem like much, but this is huge, huge fun! Tiny Armies is a turn-based strat game – you can play a stranger or beat your best bud and the tiny battle action makes this game great!

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