13 Best Apps for Smartwatch For Increased Productivity

best snartwatch apps

Apple smartwatch series three released with LTE functionality that Apple is promoting and marketing the product all over the world. Apple attracts a lot of premium users into buying accessories and apps in the market, and many developers make thousands of dollars from it.

However, we are going to help you find the right apps that you should download and use for your Apple watch. This list isn’t going to be a random list of some apps, but we are going to provide only the best ones in various categories like Social media apps, Weather apps, Managing apps, Utility apps, and Interesting apps.

Top Social Media Apps For Smartwatch

If you are Apple user, then you must have social media accounts on various platforms. So, we are going to give you a list of apps that are designed for your Smartwatch.

social media apps for smartwatch


#1 – Facebook

Social media giant Facebook always keen to work on the latest trending technology, and this time they have improved their app for the Apple Watch Series 3. However, Facebook has not added any new feature and improved the existing features like receive and accept friend requests. And you can scroll down through the Facebook feed.

Apart from these three, you cannot use any major features because of the limitations of the smartwatch. However, it will break through sooner or later.

#2 – Twitter

Twitter has updated their application and put a little pressure on their creative team to add new features. You can like, retweet, read tweets, scroll down to browse the feeds. There’s no doubt that Twitter has worked their way up to provide amazing features for those with over 500+ followers.

You can also try Twitterrific as well.

#3 – Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular apps in the world, so there’s no doubt that it wouldn’t land on smartwatch apps list. The Instagram app allows you to scroll down through the stories, notifications, like, comment with emojis, and that’s all.

Top Utilities Apps For Smartwatch

There are apps on the market that allows you to access more features and capabilities than the stock apps.

smartwatch apps

#4 – Camera Plus

Camera Plus needs no introduction for the iPhone users because they have left the mark of giving more control over the skills of the person than remain stuck with the stock camera. Camera Plus third-party app lets you take full control over your smartwatch camera and its capabilities.

#5 – Evernote

Evernote is a cracking app for the iPhone and is a much more powerful note-taking tool than Apple’s Notes. And Notes is another app notably missing from the Apple Watch, so there’s never been a better time to switch. You can read all your most recent notes, and dictate new ones directly from your Apple Watch.

iNote is missing on the Apple smartwatch, there never been a good time to have a notes app that syncs on your iPhone and smartwatch. It has been noted that Evernote for iPhone is a better option and it is a better replacement for default notes.

#6 – Citymapper

Citymapper is one of the best apps available for an Apple smartwatch that gives you public transport information. Currently, it is available in London and Manchester only, so you cannot use it outside of it. The app uses your current location via GPS, and it enables you instructions using public transport.a

#7 – Green Kitchen

A smartwatch purpose is to help you access the world without touching smartphone or an iPad, right? The Green Kitchen serves the purpose for those who like cooking vegetarian and healthy foods at their house. In the kitchen, when you don’t have the idea to cook something new, then you can access the app to cook without your phone.

Convenient, isn’t it?


The IFTTT enables you access multiple-apps services in just one app. But, let me tell you that you can only access only basic features, not the advanced features that come with the official’s apps. However, it is a fantastic app to control Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, Xiaomi Bluetooth bulbs or similar LED lights, and more.

#9 – iTranslate

iTranslate is a third-party app that allows you to speak sentences from any language. The app is mainly used by the people who want to learn other language and to those who travel a lot. Assume that you are in a different country and you want to say something in their language, then type or speak a sentence, then it will convert to your choice of language.

#10 – Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a similar app for iTranslate, which you can use an alternative. There is no rule that you cannot have two translation apps on your smartwatch.

#11 – Sleep++

Apple smartwatches are designed to give the users with health information during morning times or when you are awake. But, have you ever imagined what happens during your sleep? Sleep++ serves the purpose to give you information and reports of what is going on to you while you are asleep.

#12 – Philips Hue

Imagine that you are going to sleep and taking your smartwatch off from the wrist and now, you have bed light or room light is still on. You are jet lag and don’t want to reach three meters long bed light switch? Phillips Hue apps allow you to turn off the Hue LED light with just one click.

#13 – Uber

Are you an Uber user? We all have used the popular travelling and cab booking app Uber at some point in our life. Imagine if you have booked a cab from your smartphone, but you don’t want to unlock every time to check the current location of the cab. The smartwatch allows you to locate the cab driver from the watch itself.


There are millions of third-party apps for your smartwatch, but only few stand out of the crowd. Use these twelve apps that will change your Apple smartwatch experience. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.


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