Top 20+ Best G-Shock Watch

Best G-Shock Watch

There are arguably no strings harder than those belonging to Casio’s G-Shock lineup, but the prolific standing those watches have means there is a massive number of different versions to select from. Any G-Shock watch will be useful, but which ones are the best? That is what we’re here to learn. Epik Watch has studiously examined the best way to locate the 15 best G-Shock watches out there in 2020.

Below you will discover brief and succinct reviews that could help you pick out the ideal G-Shock watch for your own requirements together with the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing. Epik Watch has also provided an exhaustive manual that breaks down exactly what these specifications mean and answers a number of the most frequently asked questions from subscribers.

Top Rated 15 Best G-Shock Watch

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15. G-STEEL GST-B200-1A Stainless Steel Analog Watch

The G-STEEL GST-B200-1A uses the brand new Carbon Core Guard having an interior case made from carbon fiber reinforced resin. Like the preceding creation GST-B100, the GST-B200 is outfitted with both Hard Solar electricity and Bluetooth cellular link which provide works like automatic time modification, 300 real-time cities, alarm clock, and timer settings, home city and real-time city swapping, along with telephone finder.

Due to its core, the GST-B200 provides an updated style that’s more compact than previous G-STEEL versions. Although the total diameter is slightly smaller, and the watch is somewhat lighter compared to GST-B100, the dial is really bigger. The GST-B200 additionally adds LCD sub-display to create its features more accessible.

  • PROS: Modern design, solar-powered, STN LCD screen, Bluetooth phone link
  • CONS: No Multi-Band 6 wireless timekeeping
  • BEST FOR Function, traveling

14. G-Shock DW-9052-1V Digital Military Watch

The DW-9052-1V is known as the”standard issue” G-Shock and is frequently seen worn by army personnel around the globe. It’s among the least expensive G-Shock watches available, however, it is equally as hard as the more expensive versions. The DW-9052-1V comes with an extra-rugged case design with button protects along with an easily-accessible front EL backlight button. For people who require excellent visibility in the dark, the EL backlight illuminates the whole LCD screen with a blue/green color for simple viewing. This simple version also has a stopwatch, countdown timer, and a daily alarm.

  • PROS: Cheap, front EL backlight button
  • CONS: Not as trendy as other G-Shock versions
  • BEST FOR Army, extreme sports

13. G-Shock GMW-B5000D-1 Full-Metal Stainless Steel

After the GMW-B5000D-1 was initially released throughout the 35th Anniversary in 2018, it was a complete sensation and almost impossible to get a hold of one. Now things have calmed down, and it’s easily accessible at non-inflated rates, we can wholeheartedly recommend it. The GMW-B5000D-1 is modeled after the first G-Shock however at a completely stainless steel variant. Owing to its lineage, features, and build quality, it’s highly regarded by both G-Shock fanatics and basic watch fans. It is difficult to argue that this is not the best-looking full-metal G-Shock ever produced.

The GMW-B5000D-1 has complete shock resistance and 200-meter water immunity such as any other G-Shock. Casio also included the newest technology such as Hard Solar electricity, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping, and Bluetooth phone link which allow the lookout to automatically sync time by means of a smartphone. The Bluetooth connection also provides other features like simple watch setting, reminder alarms with descriptions, time and location log, and a telephone finder operates. G-Shock purists will love the whole stainless steel interior case and screw-lock situation back (such as the first G-Shock).

The GMW-B5000 collection is also available in black or gold IP variations as well as variations with resin rings.

  • PROS: Stainless Steel case, DLC-coated screw-back, solar-powered, Multi-Band 6 wireless wave timekeeping, Bluetooth phone link
  • CONS: Relatively heavy to get a G-Shock
  • BEST FOR: Living the G-life

12. G-Shock GA-700-1B Extra-Large Analog Watch

The GA-700 series was released in late 2016 and is on its way to getting another contemporary classic. It had been the first cheap analog-digital G-Shock watch using a suitable front-facing LED light switch. The other standout feature is that the projected 5-year battery life, that’s the longest to get a non-solar analog G-Shock watch. Additionally, it has a committed one-press button to start the stopwatch from a timekeeping manner along with a goal time awake.

The GA-700 proceeds the G-Shock tendency of an extra-large rocky case (53.4 mm-wide, bigger than a GA-100) along with a 3D indicator and big analog hands. The face also contains an LCD screen for features like world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms with 1 snooze alarm, and 12/24 hour formats. The fundamental black GA-700-1B is a best-seller, along with other popular military-inspired colors that can be found in the Utility Color Series found previously.

  • PROS: Longer battery life to get a non-solar analog G-Shockfront LED light switch, big buttons
  • CONS: Reverse LCD screen may be difficult to see in low light
  • BEST FOR Sports, outside, all-purpose

11. G-Shock GA-800-1A Traditional-Style Analog-Digital Watch

The GA-800-1A has a range of special features. It’s the sole smaller”mid-size” G-Shock (48.6 millimeters wide) using a third-party hand to show the next (a feature typically reserved for higher-end models). It’s also among those very few mid-size analog G-Shocks using a front-facing light button for simple access. This view also offers a one-press stopwatch button which will trigger the stopwatch instantly from timekeeping mode along with also a 120-record lap time memory which includes the time and date.

These features create the GA-800-1A a wise alternative for training and sports, although its simple design makes it convenient for anybody who requires a weekend watch. The three-handed layout and smaller dimensions will appeal the first-time G-Shock buyer that would like a more conventional design and that might be worried about the bigger sizes of additional G-Shock models.

  • PROS: Conventional analog mode, one-press stopwatch begin, lap time memory.
  • CONS: maybe not solar (approximate 3-year battery lifetime ), no time (but has double time)
  • BEST FOR Training, sports, all-around

10. G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-800 Training Watch

The GBD-800 a part of this G-SQUAD lineup of fitness-oriented watches also contains exceptional features like Bluetooth portable connectivity, a pedometer, and technical stopwatch and timer functions. For those seeking to become active, the Measure Tracker enables a daily target to be put with a measure target progress display and a step count chart for the previous 11 hours.

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Severe runners will locate the stopwatch goal time (using 10 settable goal occasions ) and also 200-record lap memory (with the date and lap/split occasions ) helpful in attaining new personal bests. Interval training can also be feasible using all the programmable timer (with 5 places repeatable around ten times). People who want the most precise timekeeping will locate the watch’s Bluetooth feature helpfully, as the automatic timing adjustment feature will sync time by means of a smartphone four times every day.

This is definitely the most affordable G-Shock watch with Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s a mid-size G-Shock appropriate for women and men. The G-SQUAD lineup is also available within an analog-digital version together with the GBA-800 collection, but people who intend to utilize the stopwatch and timer regularly should choose the bigger digital display of this GBD-800.

  • PROS: Bluetooth portable connectivity, step counter, technical stopwatch, and period timer features, lap memory
  • CONS: not solar
  • BEST FOR Running, walking, fitness, athletic training

9. G-Shock G-9300-1 Mudman Solar Compass Watch

Though flashier versions have obtained the spotlight lately, the G-9300-1 Mudman stays a good performer that provides an excellent value. Equipped using a Tough Solar power along with also a Twin Sensor (with thermometer and compass ), the Mudman is a maintenance-free electronic watch with helpful features for everybody. The G-9300-1 is a large-case version, but it’s the smallest G-Shock see with a compass detector.

The Mudman line extends far back into the 1980s and has been responsible for setting the base for its Master of G collection of professional-grade G-Shock watches. The existing Mudman keeps the extra-rugged mud-and-dust-resistant construction while keeping a timeless G-Shock appearance that’s understated yet demanding.

  • PROS: Smallest and Most Economical compass detector G-Shock
  • CONS: Buttons are somewhat harder to press Because of mud-resistant layout
  • BEST FOR Hiking, hiking, traveling, military

8. G-Shock GA-2000 using Carbon Core Guard

The G-Shock GA-2000 collection uses the Carbon Core Guard construction that’s charged as G-Shock’s”third substance” after metal and resin. The watch’s interior casing is constructed from good resin fortified with carbon fiber which permits a lighter and more powerful design. The improved shock-resistant arrangement provides a thinner and thinner look than the typical chunky G-Shock contours. (The GA-2000 is a little smaller and lighter compared to the best-selling GA-100.)

The GA-2000 additionally has quick-release levers built into the rings for simple removal. Casio plans to market an assortment of distinct bands individually including fabric and Velcro bands, and 24-mm fast release rings from different manufacturers will also match. Other unique features include lay-flat rings, guardless switches, dual-layer stainless steel, and resin case back, along with a handy front LED light switch.

  • PROS: Lightweight, comparatively slim, readily detachable bands
  • CONS: Not solar-powered, approximate 3-year battery lifetime
  • BEST FOR All-purpose

7. G-Shock GG-B100-1A3 Mudmaster Sensor Watch

The GG-B100-1A3 Mudmaster improves over the favorite GG-1000 series with the inclusion of a pressure detector (altimeter and barometer) and measure counter, front light switch, a carbon fiber bezel, and a carbon fiber reinforced instance.

The Bluetooth features add a mission log function to capture both the elevation and GPS location, a place index to show the distance and direction (using the LCD screen and the next hands of the watch) of a destination, a calorie calculator, automatic time adjustment, and a telephone finder operate. The GG-B100 can be unique because the arrangement of the primary menu may be customized.

  • PROS: Quad Sensor (using altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer, and measure tracker), Bluetooth smartphone Connection
  • CONS: Not solar-powered
  • BEST FOR Trekking, intense outdoor activities

6. G-Shock GW-6900-1 Mid-Size Solar Digital Watch

The GW-6900-1 is the most innovative form of the popular 6900 lineups and features Tough Solar electricity and Multi-Band 6 automatic radio period syncs. This version has among the most iconic and long-running G-Shock instances together with this 5000-5600 series. It started off as the DW-6600 in 1994 that was the very first G-Shock to utilize the”EL backlight” that illuminates the whole background of the screen, and also the DW-6600 was called the Navy SEAL G-Shock.

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The GW-6900-1 retains exactly the exact same user-friendliness since the DW-6600 and its successor the DW-6900 but using more innovative features like world time, multiple (5) daily alerts, and a complete auto EL backlight (which may be set to automatically trigger in the dark using a twist of the wrist), together with the typical features such as the stopwatch and countdown timer. )

With its simple layout and easy-access front backlight button, the GW-6900-1 is suggested for army use or some other job that needs reliable timekeeping. The GW-6900-1 is a mid-size watch that’s also acceptable for smaller wrists but it wears somewhat bigger than the 5600 line.

  • PROS: Solar electricity and Car time modification, front EL backlight button
  • CONS: No detectors
  • BEST FOR Military, operate, all-purpose

5. G-Shock GA-100-1A1 Big Analog-Digital Watch

Part of this new breed of big analog-digital G-Shock watches which revitalized the newest from the 2010s, the GA-100 is just one of the best-selling versions and is now a contemporary classic. The GA-100 series reaffirmed G-Shock’s standing as an innovator of functional and stylish timepieces. The GA-100-1A1 features a design inspired by a plane’s instrument panel using high-contrast analog palms and an anti-magnetic construction. Additionally, it has an LCD screen for purposes such as the stopwatch and countdown timer.

Other features include a car LED lighting, world time, and 5 daily alarms. The GA-100-1A1 is a favorite alternative for police and other uniformed employees. Younger folks see the GA-100 show as an iconic G-Shock instance and have a tendency to prefer the huge analog mode over the electronic versions. For gifts or initial time G-Shock buyers that mostly need a watch to tell the moment, this is among the safest options.

  • PROS: Vintage big case, straightforward layout, high-visibility analog palms
  • CONS: Enormous 2-year battery life
  • BEST FOR Authorities, outside tasks, all-purpose

4. G-Shock GW-5000-1JF Origin Tribute Screw-Back Watch

Though this listing initially excluded Japan-only versions, the GW-5000-1JF deserves a place on it due to its well-deserved standing and fame across the world. Why is this view so unique is it is a tribute to its first G-Shock DW-5000C from 1983 but using upgraded technologies, it is manufactured in Japan, also includes a stainless steel interior case using a screw-lock situation back and DLC coating.

Additionally, it’s not a limited edition however a frequently produced version in Japan, so it’s not tough to discover and buy for a sensible price. The outer face layout has a cleaner, more subdued design, and the upgraded contemporary features comprise a Tough Solar electricity and Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping.

The first G-Shock from 1983 had this interior stainless steel case and also screw-back construction, but it had been left for a resin internal case in later versions. Using its exceptional build quality and traditional lineage, the GW-5000-1JF is among the best examples of a G-Shock.

  • PROS: Screw-back using DLC coating, created in Japan, Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6, first G-Shock instance
  • CONS: Getting a top cost
  • BEST FOR G-Shock purists, see collectors

3. G-Shock GWG-1000-1A3 Mudmaster Solar Analog-Digital Watch

The GWG-1000-1A3 Mudmaster made its introduction in the autumn of 2015 and has been the most highly anticipated brand new version as the Rangeman. The Mudmaster is a severe analog-digital update of the favorite Mudman collection. The Mudmaster looks like the beefy Rangeman together with an analog watch, which makes it among those best-looking tactical-style analog G-Shocks.

It hastens the Rangeman’s protected button arrangement and can be resistant to dust and sand. Its analog motion can also be resistant to intense vibration. This”ABC” watch gets the Triple Sensor which comprises an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer. Additionally, it includes Tough Solar electricity, Multi-Band 6 wireless wave timekeeping, and a solid crystal for additional scratch-resistance.

In 59.5 × 56.1 × 18.0 mm, the GWG-1000 is just one of those bigger G-Shock watches. The electronic Rangeman GW-9400 and analog-digital Gulfmaster GWN-1000 offer comparable features at reduced costs, however, the Mudmaster provides a very confident appearance that borrows the very best elements of G-Shock layout and carries the analog design to a different degree of durability. It’s billed as the perfect watch for rescue workers, and it is going to surely appeal to people in other demanding professions.

  • PROS: Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Triple Sensor, sapphire crystal, quite rocky design
  • CONS: Reverse LCD screen
  • BEST FOR Enormous wrists, intense environments

2. G-Shock GW-9400-1 Rangeman Solar Digital Survival Watch

The GW-9400 Rangeman has become easily the most popular watch in Casio’s Master of G trademark G-Shock lineup of professional-use watches. Its success could be credited to the Triple Sensor (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer) attribute, it’s a sharply bulky look that offers intense shock protection and its fair cost.

The Rangeman is resistant to dust and sand with its protected button arrangement, and the detectors may be accessed using one button. It’s a great alternative for people who enjoy the old-school electronic fashion of G-Shock but also need the most recent features at a reasonable price.

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It’s among the most functional strategic watches accessible with features such as sunrise/sunset information, low-temperature immunity, 1000-hour stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, and 40 record memories for date/time, posture, and atmospheric pressure and temperature readings. As an innovative G-Shock version, in addition, it has Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6.

It’s the ideal option for a severe all-around outside or survival view, as its electronic arrangement will handle more abuse than a watch with mechanical moving parts. If you could just have one G-Shock, then the Rangeman will probably be the ideal option. For more color choices and small variations, see all Rangeman versions.

  • PROS: Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, Triple Sensor, sunrise/sunset information
  • CONS: Large for an electronic version
  • BEST FOR Hiking, hunting, outdoor recreation, survival

1. G-Shock GW-M5610-1 Solar Digital Sports Watch

The GW-M5610-1 continues the lineage of this first G-Shock, the DW-5000C which started the newest in 1983. The GW-M5610-1 has the exact same traditional square shape as the first and is among those best-selling G-Shock watches. It’s a great option for people who prefer a standard-size electronic G-Shock within the extra-large analog-digital versions.

This view also has among the weakest profiles (12.7 mm) of present G-Shock versions and functions as an discreet timepiece for recreation or work. The GW-M5610-1 is suggested for the first-time G-Shock purchaser that needs an easy, no-nonsense watch for many functions. The GW-M5610-1 continues the tradition of Total Toughness and provides a very rugged and maintenance-free option for an inexpensive price.

To get a cheaper but more basic choice (without Hard Solar, Multi-Band 6, world time, multiple alarms, and also the auto-activated backlight), visit the DW-5600E-1V within our fundamental G-Shock watches manual.

  • PROS: First case design, slender profile, solar-charging, and wireless time-sync
  • CONS: May feel modest on Huge wrists
  • BEST FOR All-purpose


Knowledgeable G-Shock lovers will detect a few notable omissions within our Top 15 listing. This is because the listing isn’t an”all-time” list. It’s largely aimed at current G-Shock buyers at the West and concentrated on the more popular and latest versions.

A few of our past top ten versions such as the GWN-1000 Gulfmaster along with the GWF-D1000 Frogman are becoming more challenging to get from the West and therefore are much less popular there, therefore they’ve been substituted on the list although we still hold them in high esteem.

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