If you are a sports enthusiast, chances are you know about the brand Suunto. Suunto is a Finnish brand that specializes in multisport smartwatches. Suunto, read as “soon-to”, means “direction”.

They are famous for their high quality, sturdy build, long-battery life and battery management options. The brand is a forefront innovator for sports watches and offers attractive designs with heavy-duty features. This great quality of Suunto watches benefits both active and non-active users.

Check out our favorite Suunto watches for the sports enthusiast and start your active lifestyle today.



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The Spartan Trainer Wrist HR is a compact sports watch that is great even for daily wear. It is light and fits nicely on the wrist. It can last up to 10 hours of sports use and longer for daily wear. It has GPS that tracks your speed, distance, and pace, as well as awesome features such as activity tracking, steps and calories every hour of the day.

The Spartan Wrist Trainer also comes with a dedicated sports mode and a specific display for different sports. If you’re looking for a great sports watch from Suunto, starting with this model is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the excellence of this watch brand.

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The 9 Baro watch has 3 battery modes that will match your activity needs. The modes are performance, endurance and ultra. This can last you from 25 hours to 120 hours of battery life, long enough to ensure that you won’t run out of power especially on an outdoor trip. To curb the quick battery drain due to GPS, this watch expertly uses a unique FusedTrack algorithm that merges GPS and motion sensor data for more accurate track and distance recording.

This watch is designed for the needs of professional athletes and has been tested by real athletes around the world. It can connect via the new Suunto app that can track your long term activity and sleeping patterns.



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The Traverse model has a rugged design with its knurled stainless steel bezel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and highly durable nylon strap that is water-resistant. If you are into hunting, there is an automatic shot detection feature that records when and where you shoot, as well as tracks your GPS coordinates.

This watch also has an automatic breadcrumb trail that is accessible through the Suunto Movescount app, which you can also access on your mobile phone. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery can last up to 14 days in single charge, a nifty feature particularly when you’re planning to go on a hunting trip on the weekend.



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Choose your best fitness partner with Suunto 3 Fitness. It has adaptive training modes that match your goal. You can maintain your current fitness level, moderately improve it, or boost the intensity of your fitness activity. Suunto can create a 7-day plan for each mode you choose. It is also a great companion for sports activities like swimming, running, cycling, hiking and many more. It counts your daily steps, calories and even sleep patterns.

What is more, it measures your stress and recovery throughout the day. Overall, the Suunto 3 Fitness acts as a portable fitness coach on your wrist that comes at a very affordable price!


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The Suunto Ambit3 Peak is great for outdoor fitness activities as it gives accurate weather information, altitude and full navigation. It also has the fundamentals that any adventurer with an insatiable wanderlust needs to bring on every journey: an altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS. Want to take dip in the sea? This watch has a 100-meter water resistance, making it suitable for swimming!

One feature that we like the most, on top of the other great things about this watch, is its impressive battery life of 200 hours. This means you have 8 full days of using this watch without ever needing to charge at least once!

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