10+ Best Suunto Watch Review

Best Suunto Watch

Together with its history of varied timepieces created for the outside life, Suunto watches are a composite of attractive layouts and heavy-duty features.

Suunto watches originated from a legacy of compass watches of unique specifications which were constructed for various outdoor activities, both intense and not-so-extreme.

Besides solid watches, Suunto also has a vast selection of lifestyle watches and products which includes a really chill vibe today these are for me personally.

If you are eager to put your hands in your first Suunto watch, the following are a few of the top-notch products utilized for sports and outdoor. Your next best Suunto watch is awaiting you.

Best Suunto Watch

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The Suunto Spartan Trainer is easy and packed full of amazing features for the hobbyist or athlete, such as 80(! ) ) Different game manners. Just tell the watch everything you are doing (jogging, biking, trekking, etc.), and it’ll keep track of relevant stats to you so that you can concentrate on the journey beforehand.

Using GPS navigation, this view ensures you always know where you are running. Essential navigation features incorporate a fundamental altimeter, which can be useful for mountain biking or other relevant sports, heatmaps to monitor your favourite paths, and estimated time of birth signs.

Like all Suunto watches, the Spartan Trainer is sturdy and holds up to the elements. This specific version is water-resistant to 50 meters, only if you wish to have a swim after a long term.

Among the handiest features of this Spartan Trainer is its own heart rate monitoring capacities. Does this watch to keep monitor of your heartbeat in a run, but in addition, it produces comprehensive statistics associated with heart health and activity levels every day.


  • Lightweight
  • LED backlighting
  • Low Cost


  • No touch screen
  • Standard altimeter (vs. barometric altimeter found in other versions )


The Suunto Spartan Sport watch is made for the athlete who enjoys doing everything, together with GPS navigation, an electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and a wrist monitor.

It is a step up from the Spartan Trainer, using an impressive selection of features intended for everyone. This view comprises every one the qualities of this Spartan Trainer version, together with some other gems to create your running experience much more pleasurable.

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Like its cousin, the Spartan Sport includes 80 distinct game manners and GPS navigation. On the other hand, the Spartan Sport also houses an electronic compass with tilt compensation and declination correction. Insert a barometric altimeter into the mixture, and you are never going to drift off course.

Together with barometric elevation, the watch merges weather and GPS information to produce a more precise look at your environment in any given moment. For path ultra-runners, this is especially significant, particularly when weather changes could be extreme and unpredictable.

The Sport comprises a wrist heart rate monitor also, together with an optional heart rate belt. These features, in addition to the watch’s permanent stainless-steel bezel, create the Spartan Sport stands outside among the finest Suunto running watches in the marketplace.


  • Colour touch screen
  • 14-day battery life
  • Digital compass


  • Heavier watch
  • Does not include 24/7 tracks

3. 9 BARO

If you love carrying your outdoor experiences to the intense, the Suunto 9 Baro provides strong construction, a smart, long-lasting battery life, and FusedTrack technologies for long-distance journeys.

The Suunto 9 Baro was made for the professional athlete, using a rock-solid, stainless-steel bezel and sapphire crystal face. Insert water resistance to 100 meters, and you have got a challenging watch which can go where you go without criticism.

A vital characteristic of the multi-sport watch is the smart battery that allows you to set up to 120 hours of action using three manners: Performance, Endurance or Ultra. If one mode does not provide the battery life you want on your trip, simply change to a different one and continue running.

With this kind of a long-lasting battery, it is no wonder Suunto developed the FusedTrack method to unite GPS (which will be generally a drain on your battery) with movement sensors to improve accuracy for extended distance runs. In other words, your battery will not give out until you do.

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The 9 Baro also features an electronic compass and barometer, together with GPS navigation, to be certain you understand where you are and exactly what weather-related problems you may encounter on the way. It is going to alert you to approaching storms at a lot of time to look for refuge.


  • Impressive 120 hours of recording capacity (long battery lifetime )
  • Measure and calorie counters
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters


  • Expensive
  • Big and thicker than other watches


The Suunto Traverse supplies a simple, contemporary design; smartphone connectivity; flashlight backlight; and also the choice to make a 3D map of your favourite hikes employing the corresponding Suunto Movescount program.

The Suunto Traverse packs a considerable punch when it comes to features, but in addition, provides ease in its layout. Key features are simple to discover and use when you are trekking or simply on-the-go with regular life. Connect the watch to your smartphone and you’re going to be alerted when you receive calls or texts.

Regardless of the fact that is a sports opinion, its contemporary appearance means that you can wear it everywhere. The Traverse is intended to resist the elements, using a lightweight composite casing and stainless-steel bezel. It could seem modern in style, but it will not slow you down.

Together with the free Suunto Movescount program, you can share your favourite hiking places together with your family and friends with a couple of clicks. You may even use the program to make a 3D map of your travel together with the information that the watch collects as you increase. Throw in a couple of images, and discuss your expertise through YouTube.

The base cost for your Suunto Traverse is $419, which makes it an exceptional purchase for the abundance of features it owns. Unlike the versions previously, the Traverse features a flashlight backlight alternative, which makes it effortless to locate your car keys in the dark or make a midnight run by the campsite into the restroom.


  • Save and save around 250 points of attention
  • Plan your path with the Suunto Movescount program


  • Comparable to this 9 Baro, but does not have the Elongated battery lifetime
  • Moderately expense


For your smartwatch enthusiast who does not need to violate the bank, the Suunto 3 Fitness combines the ease of a smartwatch together with all the health advantages of a sports opinion.

On the lookout for a Smartwatch that joins you to your own world (through your smartphone) and makes it possible to stay healthy? If this is so, the Suunto 3 Fitness is precisely what you want. This fashionable watch is priced at $229, which makes it a budget-friendly alternate to additional higher-priced smartwatches.

Many smartwatches keep an eye on your everyday activities, such as calories, steps, and sleep routines, however, the 3 Fitness goes a step beyond the standard. This smartwatch generates 7-day exercise programs according to your fitness level and adjusts to the information that it collects as you progress through your practice.

You may pick out of three different training styles according to your present and future physical fitness programs. Couple the 3 Fitness using the Suunto program, and you may keep an eye on your sleep and activities, in addition, to discuss your successes with friends and loved ones.

The 3 Fitness comprises lots of the features found in much more costly Suunto watches, for example, wrist heart rate tracking, 30-meter water resistance, and GPS monitoring. It will measure your pace, laps, and speed, and contains 70 different game manners.

If you are looking for a smartwatch more than true sports view, the 3 Fitness is probably a fantastic pick. Remember, though it does have GPS monitoring, it doesn’t incorporate the weather-related info or storm alarms found in more costly versions.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stylish and great for everyday wear
  • Creates 7-day exercise programs for you


  • Colour screen, but not a bit screen


With elite-level watches controlling eye-popping rates, recently discontinued models justify serious consideration. If you are prepared to cancel the incremental updates from a former version, a watch like the Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a good alternative. It features FusedAlti technologies, steel construction, and smartphone connectivity, together with an extensive battery lifetime.

The Ambit3 Peak is now only available via personalization in the manufacturer, beginning at only $400. This watch features a very long battery life (over 200 hours) and GPS capabilities that will keep you on the ideal path and get you home on time.

Comparable to this 9 Baro, the Ambit3 Peak utilizes FusedAlti technologies to unite GPS and barometric data to ascertain your altitude and forecast weather patterns. Storm alerts will also be included with this version.

The Ambit3 Peak works seamlessly together with the Suunto Movescount program to permit you to map out your path. Since you run, readily find yourself in your own watch to ascertain the time, staying mileage, as well as how many hills you’ve made to traverse.

This hardy watch is constructed of metal, polyamide and sapphire crystal, and will hold in many circumstances. It connects to a smartphone that will assist you to handle your everyday tasks, such as telephone calls, text messages and push notifications.

Among the finest Suunto running watches on the market, the Ambit3 Peak is packed with fantastic features. But it’s thicker than many others in a whopping 92 g. For many, however, the extended battery life will more than compensate for the extra weight.


  • Share your trip with Family and Friends through the Suunto Movescount program
  • FusedAlti technology
  • Weather alerts


  • Fairly hefty compared to other versions
  • Moderately-priced
  • Discontinued, therefore not broadly accessible


The Suunto Ambit3 Run delivers a simple, yet feature-rich layout for a lesser cost. This is a terrific starter watch for the novice who would like to experiment prior to investing up into a more complex design.

The Ambit3 Run was constructed with the runner in your mind, with a focus on discipline and training. In an excellent price ($180), this flexible watch is tough and built to last. The Ambit3 Run comes with an impressive 14-day battery at regular time mode and links to a smartphone using Bluetooth Smart.

If you are a runner, you will immediately find the benefit of this specific watch through a variety of features designed to make your working experience better with each step. With GPS navigation in your fingertips, you can plan your path to the moment or only run for the pleasure of it.

An electronic compass with the 1-degree resolution is standard, together with speed and space measurements. Measure heart rate and set limitations to maintain yourself on goal. The Ambit3 Run also contains a calorie counter to get the runner who is balancing nutrition and calorie burn.

You’re able to download training programs by the Suunto Movescount program that will assist you to handle progress and examine yourself by raising the difficulty of your workout. Utilize heat maps to research fun, new paths and take your work out to new areas.

The Ambit3 Run boasts a variety of excellent features for the price tag, so if you’re trying to find a fantastic budget-friendly watch, this can be the best option.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Fewer features than other Suunto watches

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Suunto Watch

It is not enough to purchase some Suunto timepiece, you have to be certain to receive the most acceptable Suunto watch there’s. To achieve this successfully, it is time to check at these variables.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Suunto Watch

GPS Functionality

A GPS attribute on any watch makes it one step higher to its rivals. This technology enables you to enjoy features including rate, heart rate, distance, and cadence trackers. These functions will support you in your outside activities like trekking. You will understand if the GPS sees is top-notch whether it is paired with GLONASS technology. This makes it all more accurate and quicker with its own satellite indicating.

Battery Life

However, of course, what will a GPS watch be without an extremely great battery life? Especially with a GPS monitoring technology accessible, battery life is going to be a concern. You would like adequate hours of battery life to stay together with you throughout your training and experiences, otherwise, you will constantly have to control its time and which will just destroy your experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity

To increase the total benefit of a Suunto timepiece, Bluetooth connectivity permits you to sync your GPS view for your smartphone. This permits you to view your incoming and incoming calls. Who requires a smartwatch when you’ve got Bluetooth connectivity?

Additional Features

Besides the above-mentioned features, you will find far more features to Suunto watches based on each version. Examples of them are smart features such as sunset and sunrise times, weather updater, as well as pre-installed mode selections which could be vital to your exercise and workout actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your generally elevated questions answered.

Which Suunto Watch is the best?

The Finest Suunto Watch is your Suunto Traverse Alpha. It is an all-inclusive outdoor watch which may pass through rigorous military standards. It includes all the features necessary for fishing or hunting, hiking, or perhaps just tracking your everyday routines and action levels.

Suunto Watches, generally speaking, is famed for its exceptionally reliable GPS, particularly with this Suunto version. In addition to this, it has a superb battery life (as many as 2 months ), and it is highly water-resistant such as the nylon strap.

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Which Suunto Watch is Ideal for Triathlon?

The Finest Suunto watch for your triathlon is your Suunto Spartan Sport Ultra. Triathlon, which will be proven to possess 3-part sports field demands more intensive physical training, and Suunto Spartan Sport proves to be a trusted companion for swimming, biking and jogging due to its amazing features. It’s 80 game settings to select from, includes a trusted GPS, 330 ft of water resistance, altimeter, barometer, and electronic compass. With the support of Suunto program or Bluetooth connectivity, then it can also sync your Smartphone in the event that you wish to learn the stats of your training progress.

Which Suunto Watch gets the Longest Battery Life?

The Suunto watch with the maximum battery life is your Suunto Ambit3 Peak. It’s 200 hours of battery life when you’re on battery conservation mode. This implies that in case you utilize the 1-minute GPS precision setting, you are going to find the absolute most from Ambit3 Peak’s battery life power. You may really choose different battery manners for various time and scenarios.

Where is Suunto Watches Produced?

Suunto Watches is handmade in Finland. Even though a worldwide renowned brand for their products, their headquarters left the Finland boundaries.


The finest Suunto watch on this listing is your Traverse Alpha. This superb timepiece ticks all the ideal boxes using its exquisite quality, functionality and built-in features. It’s everything you’re looking for using its high-quality GPS performance, good battery life, and other practical features. It certainly gives great value to your cash.

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