For years, mechanical watches have set the bar high on what a great wristwatch looks and feels like. There is definitely something about the clockwork mechanism that brings life to mechanical watches, compared to battery-powered quartz watches that just feels mass-produced and devoid of any personality.

Nowadays, mechanical watches are being purchased for their aesthetic and luxury, which places them in the expensive spectrum of wristwatches. But, let’s not forget the fact that even if they look great when worn, not all mechanical movements are the same. This is why when purchasing a mechanical watch, it’s also essential to ask what movement is used for you to see which one is the most accurate in timekeeping.

If you’re wondering about which movement to choose in terms of accuracy, we have here our top picks for the most accurate mechanical movements.

01. The Calibre 360 Concept Chronograph

The Calibre 360 Concept  Chronograph’s debut in 2005 was definitely a game changer. This excellent timepiece by TAG Heuer was the first of its kind to achieve an oscillation of almost 360,000 beats per hour, a feat that was considered impossible back then. This watch is actually a perfected version of an earlier innovation released by TAG Heuer in 1969, the Chromatic Calibre 11.

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02. TAG-Heuer Mikrogirder

TAG Heuer seems to have a knack of competing against themselves and released an improved version of the Calibre 360 Concept Chronograph: the Mikrogirder. This watch owes its mechanical movement to one of the greatest names in the field of horology, Christian Huygens, and has made it possible to have better modulation of the movement’s frequency without overwhelming the power supply to achieve better precision and accuracy.

03. Seiko Spring Drive Mechanical Movement with Quartz Legislation

Most people associate Seiko with quartz watches, but they have actually tried their hand on creating mechanical watches. As a matter of fact, they have combined the functions of both mechanical and quartz movements in the Seiko Spring Drive Mechanical Movement with Quartz Legislation while staying true to the mechanism of a mechanical watch, although with a few improvements such as the Tri-synchro Regulator. View our selection of Seiko watches.

04. Zenith Defy Lab

The Zenith Defy Lab claims that it is the most accurate mechanical watch across the globe, which isn’t exactly a shocker knowing that this great timepiece was Developed at the core of Switzerland’s watchmaking industry in Le Locle. The inclusion of the single-piece oscillator has made it possible for the movement to reach an impressive 15Hz, or almost 108,000 vph (vibrations per hour).