5 Predictable Features of upcoming Facebook Dating Feature

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The whole concept of Facebook is around dating, but they wanted to call it Social Media platform by eliminating dating services and options. Although, I think It has the potential to become top dating platform but it would be safe to say it wont be counted among dtf app – At least, that’s what my take is on it. But, Facebook is making moves to compete with world popular dating application and services like Tinder. The company which runs Facebook already released few dating features and allows us to tell you about it.

Let me tell you that dating services worth billions of dollars that generated by popular dating websites and application. Do not underestimate Facebook ability to sell dating options and services to the customers because the trust level is higher on Facebook when compared to others.

Facebook also has 100 active users per kilometre, which makes it powerful than Tinder because you can find someone you like in your area. I am 100% sure that everyone will try dating services of this social media giant.

How the System will work? It is interesting, so make sure to read till the end.

One: You have to create a separate profile on facebook dating, and your public profile will be hidden from your friends. In simple words, they will never find out about your dating profile.

Two: The dating AI try to find someone who nearby you, and they let you start a conversation with them. But, you won’t find anyone on your friend’s list and friends of friends to keep privacy.

Three: You can select any event that hosting nearby you, and their profile picture will appear on dating tab, then you can start texting them if you like, But, remember, they must have a dating profile, and they should select the event from dating profile.

Four: Therefore dating begins.

The dating services will begin soon, but they will be in beta version. New security and features will come when we begin using it effectively and start giving feedback.

5 Predictable features of upcoming Facebook Dating Feature

I’m going to share five predictable features and options coming to dating platform.

#1 You Might See Tinder Features: The Facebook main and straight competitor is Tinder. In short, you will begin experience Tinder features. The features of Tinder are not copyrighted and Patterned, which means anyone, can begin applying those features to own applications and services. Facebook will begin copying it as they did to Instagram by adding Snapchat features.

#2 It Will be Free: The service will be free-of-cost. We know what you think that they already announced it the press conference. Now, what you need to know that online services started as FREE, then they begin charging you for the service at some point. Do not forget that the founders may not want to make money, but investors invested to generate profits at some point.

The Facebook selling point has always been FREE, and the services will remain FREE forever. Tinder will run smoothly for a few years, but they begin losing user base slowly. You can take MySpace and Friendster for instance, which fallen down after few years of Facebook release.

#3 Better Algorithm: The Facebook has data of the users, which they are allowed to use to improve their services and add more features that could solve a problem. The data that holds your information enables them to identify the bugs, and they fix them immediately. Interestingly, the can even tell if you are satisfied with the fix.

What does this mean to you?

facebook dating features

The Facebook ideology is to help you get the best out of a relationship. There are people on Tinder and the world, who go for online dating to get laid, which is a red signal for the Facebook because the trust is broken.

  • The Facebook will add a feature that lets you add him/her as DATING. That will unlock some information on their profile like which they have dated since the service started and it even tells you how many days or years it lasted.
  • The faith between two people strengths, when they add each other as IN A RELATIONSHIP, which blocks dating options. It blocks all dating services, but the couple can chat and talk via FB’s dating app. But, the rest of the world will be blocked to access or find his or her profile.
  • When the couple breaks up, then they both have to add “SINGLE” status to browse other unlock blocked features. It is an amazing option because it will increase FAITHLESS among the users and it will force users to add it because the trust won’t be sealed.

#Better Privacy: Privacy will increase with time, and they will add an option to keep a personal profile. They might give options on how much information you want to give public users. If you have liked a male/female, then you have to send a request to talk and unlock profile details.

  • You can get rid of the photos added in albums, and only people whom you gave access will be able to view.
  • Public profile details will be your Name, Interest, and Hobbies. Rest will be private, and it’s up to you.
  • You get full control over the panel and set privacy features as per your needs.

In simple words, even when someone sees you online, they can send a request to start a conversation. However, you won’t be able to see the albums or any other photo uploaded to the Dating Profile until the person accepts your request.

#Security: Fifth: The final feature will be security. According to the Indiatimes countries like UK, USA, Brazil, France, Mexico, and India ranks highest in rapes. Let me tell you that most women who got raped were using social media account to connect with people. Many horrible Facebook rape stories can be found online, and the national news channels reported them.

The Facebook may ask you to submit “national identification card” to confirm and authenticate a personal identity. If something wrong happens, then cops able to use that information to catch the culprit.

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