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Apple is well-known brands that invest billions of dollars in R&D of their products. The company became a global sensation when they launched an iPhone. The introduction of an iPhone made Apple the most valuable company on earth today.

The world dominated by technology, where Apple stands in the center of the topic. Apple has launched a smartwatch that runs on iOS and is compatible with iPhone’s, and iPad’s. Currently, Apple products are expensive in the market and Apple smartwatch among them.

Many people in the world have not experienced an iPhone. Before you purchase expensive Apple smartwatch, you must learn the basic features and hidden features of an Apple smartwatch.

Apple Smartwatch Features

We are going to list only features that Apple watch is offering. We also recommend you to find CONS of the Apple smartwatch to understand the limitations of the smartwatch.

#1 Siri Functionality


Many first users don’t know a lot about the Siri functions. iPhone’s comes with inbuilt Siri functionality in the iOS 11.

Siri makes your life easy by controlling the smartphone using the voice commands. You can control, organise, and navigate using voice recognition services. The same service is also available on the Apple smartwatch.

You don’t even have to touch the Apple watch to launch the Siri mode. All you have to say “Hey Siri!” and Siri will activate on its own. It is extremely useful when you don’t want to use your hands or to hold lot things in your hands.

#2 Speed

improved performance

Apple focused on the marketing of the new series edition using the latest feature LTE added to the smartwatch. The feature allows users to connect to the Internet without the assistance of Wi-fi or pairing with your iPhone.

Apple always focuses on one feature and market the product around the world. There’s no doubt that advertising on various important features would increase their budget, so they stick to one feature.

Apple watches series 3 is probably an upgrade for many people because it has improved overall performance thanks to the S3 Dual-core processor added to the watch. Since the smartwatch is tiny and cannot fit plenty of things into the gadget, and many users have issues with the performance in the past. Now, speed no longer matters in Apple watch series.

#3 LTE


LTE stands for long-term evolution, which is a feature added to the Apple watch series.

LTE aims to provide futuristic features. Apple selling point was to introduce LTE in their smartwatches and let it alone take over the market. The feature helps the users to access their mobile phone when they are not nearby and still make emergency calls during the absence of your phone. LTE allows you to maintain the connectivity to your mobile phone from a distance.

LTE feature will help you in four general ways,

One: Majority of the Apple smartwatch users are into fitness and people who don’t want to take their phones everywhere. Apple heard the consumer’s feedback, and they have added LTE so, they can leave their phones and still have connectivity to their phone from a distance.

Two: It has become the habit of many people nowadays, where they focus more on the notifications on their phones than people in front of them. It is rude to check the phone notifications, while there are people in front of you talking to them. If you are struggling with that temptation, then LTE helps you to connect with the iPhone from a distance. You can also get rid of all notifications without accessing your smartphone.

Three: LTE allows you to have connectivity that helps you communicate via Text messages, and voice calls. At a distance (1.5 Meters) the call quality won’t be affected at all.

#4 Music and Radio streaming

Apple watch music

The Apple has launched their WatchOS for their smartwatches that have updated Music and Radio apps. The updated apps have several improvements that help you access 40 million songs from the library and stream them. You don’t need to have connectivity to your iPhone or Wi-fi to stream the music from your library, iTunes, and iCloud. You can use the cellular connectivity to stream music from anywhere.

The Radio app is no ordinary app that we get pre-installed on many Android smartphones because Apple added their touch to the Radio app. It has unique features like to select music based on Artist, Album, and more and when you selected the artist, then it will only music from that artist.

When you consider the Radio app and updated Music app, then you realise that it is extremely helpful for people who work out every day in GYM, Parks, and early morning walks.

#5 Display

retina display

The new users don’t realise that the display also matters until you experience it yourself. Smartwatches are going to be part of your life, where you take it various meetings, travelling, and more. It is important that the display brightness should be good enough to provide visible patterns in broad-daylight.

Fortunately, the company has spent plenty of time and money to add the brightest screen to the Apple watch series 3. The current version is 2x brighter (equivalent to 1000 nits), and it is the second Generation OLED Retina display added to the smartwatch. The latest display technology gives you a better view on sunny daylight as well.

#6 Find Your iPhone With Your Apple Watch

apple smartwatch

We know that many of you don’t consider this as an important feature, but it is extremely useful for someone like me. I always leave my smartphone somewhere in the house and go to sleep. By the time I wake up in the morning, the iPhone is nowhere to be found.

Apple Watch is something that I always keep it close because it is an accessory, so it helps me find my iPhone without looking for it. There are many people in the world, who have short amnesia because they don’t have good concentration. Finding iPhone made easy by the smartwatch.

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