Top iPhone X Tips & Tricks 2018 That You Shouldn’t Miss!

iphone x tips and tricks

The latest iPhone with a notch has taken over the market and currently, fighting for the first place against the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 editions. There’s no doubt that the new is a complete re-designed iPhone.

The home button is missing; fingerprint scanner missing, face lock ID function added, and other features are missing and added to the latest smartphone. Some features make it exceptional like Apple Watch. Today I’m going to help you master your latest iPhone X and also help you access your smartphone efficiently.

8 iPhone X Tips & Tricks of 2018:

#1 Keyboard

The world knows that iPhone killed the one-handed keyboard, but that’s not entirely true at all. If you consider the latest iPhone X has a different keyboard because it has been replaced, but not removed.

You can still access it on your iPhone X tap and hold on the emoji icon on the keyboard. The Apple had added two icons to right-handed users and left-handed users, and you can enable it anytime you want and switch back as well.
You can switch back to the iPhone X default keyboard as well.

#2 Camera on Lock Screen

Many Apple iPhone users have complained that they have not liked the new camera button on the screen button for reasons. Perhaps, the users have to force themselves to open the camera, but there is an easier way to open it. You don’t have to follow the default pattern because you can open it by swiping on the left side of the lock screen.

#3 Make Face ID Unlocking Faster

We have seen many users complaining that the iPhone X sometimes hangs when using the face ID and many have also complained that it takes few moments for the face ID to function.

You have to understand the face ID function, where the iPhone X use a sensor added beside the front-facing camera, and it doesn’t cover 90 degrees, so it does have few loopholes. You have to work according to the iPhone X face recognition sensor during the time of adding it.

You have to blame the YouTube videos, and many tutorials shared on the Internet for adding face ID wrongly. When you hold your phone straight to your face to add new face id, then you have to unlock it at the same posture. The trick is to configure the face unlock ID in the position you often hold your phone. For me, I hold the phone towards my stomach all time, so it unlocks better.

#4 Show Battery Percentage

If you have recently switched to Android to iPhone X, then you must be used to the Android battery percentage that comes with default? However, on an iPhone the whole story is different. You have to go to settings and enable the battery percentage on any iPhone.

Many Apple users don’t even know that there is a battery percentage option on their phone and they can use it to estimate the battery. I have seen many people not using it because they were not aware of the option.

#5 Save up to 50% of Battery

An iPhone battery doesn’t even last a day for many people. Unfortunately, Apple has never fixed the issue until the iPhone X has arrived.

We know that the iPhone is known for the premium quality and glow it produces. Many people are using it as a status symbol as well, actually, the majority of the users buying an iPhone to show off. But, you can save up to 50% of the battery by adding black wallpaper and the colours to dark mode.

You have to decrease the screen display light, and it helps conserve the battery a little. And iPhone X’s OLED display use every pixel to produce quality picture and image on your smartphone. When you watch a video, then it uses full-power of the Processer, Display and GPU to produce the best quality. However, when your phone is used for texting, then it also tries its best to produce stunning clarity. Thus, your battery level decreases.

#6 Reachability

Do you remember the good olds of the iPhone, where you can open the dock by tapping twice on the home button? It’s not removed from your iPhone, but the company decided to make the new options default and keep them as a secondary option.

All you have to do is to enable the Reachability from Settings > General > Accessibility > scroll down to “Interaction” > Reachability. However, the style of using it has changed a little. All you have to do is to quick swipe on the home bar, which is at the bottom of the screen.

#8 Animated Moji as stickers

Animoji is highly addictive, and the karaoke remixes people are doing are so much fun to watch. Most people know that you can send Animoji as 10-second videos, but don’t realise you can also pose them and send them as iMessage stickers.
Animoji is a highly addictive feature for those who chat and communicate a lot via iPhone X. The maximum amount you can record with is 10-second videos. But, did you know that you can send them as stickers using iMessage.

#8 Force quit apps

Several users quit background apps because they are under the impression that it conserve the battery, but in fact, it doesn’t. It happens both in Android and iOS that many apps freeze and there’s no way to quit the apps until they respond. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the iPhone, and the hanged app communicates.

You can kill the hanged apps by App Switcher and swipe to the left.
On iPhone X, this action is a little more complex. First, you need to bring up the App Switcher. Then, you need to long-press on the app until a little red minus symbol appears in the left corner. You can tap on the minus symbol to force quit an app or swipe up on an app.

The tutorial is slightly different on the iPhone X side, where you have to tap and hold until the red X mark shows up. You have to click on the X mark to eliminate the hanged app from the app drawer.

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