This is What I Love About Apple Ecoysytem (Not an Apple FanBoy!)

Apple Ecosystem

Apple cemented their legacy as the most valuable company in the world today. Apple products are all over the world, and it has become the symbol of status, which forces people to invest $1000+ in showing off their money.

The strategy behind Apple success is within their Marketing and Products. How? I may not be able to cover everything, but what about The ECOSYSTEM that everyone talks about it?

What is the ECOSYSTEM & why I love it?

When you Google ecosystem’s meaning, then you get one answer, which is quite difficult to understand. But, allow me to make it easy for you to understand. An ecosystem is a community or communication that allows you to switch and communicate among one device to another – This is what Apple ecosystem technology is all about it.

Now, in this topic, you will learn Ecosystem, what I love about it, and the reason behind it. In short one topic that tells you everything about the ecosystem.

#1 – The Devices are Innovative

Apple became powerful when they launched iPhone a decade ago. You can say that they became popular and powerful after they launched an iPhone. A lot of people started to wonder, who would buy an iPhone? Many experts said that Apple iPhone would be unsuccessful outside of the USA.

But Apple became popular in EU, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom because of iPod, and iMac. You can say that 90% of the customers know Apple because of their iMac products and iPod.

Apple started to work on a long-term plans to release iPod + iPad = iPhone killing smartphone market. Those days Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows mobile phone were popular. They invented iPhone, which was the powerful device that killed much business.

Apple brought iMac iOS to a smartphone, then they launched iPad, then they launched, Apple watch, Apple speaker, Final Cut Pro, and Air pods, and Notch display.

iMac: Many creators use iMac because it can render and edit videos smoothly and in least time, thanks to Final Cut Pro.

iPad: The most premium tablet that runs on iOS launched in 2010.

Apple Watch: Back in 2013, Smartwatches released by Chinese manufacturers started to become popular. Apple realized the potential of this market so they launched their first Apple watch which became the most sold smartwatch.

Air pods: Apple introduced air pods stating that wireless music is next generation phenomenon. The Company also described that they are killing 3.5MM jack and it is a killer point, but people bought the iPhone.

These were the products launched by the Apple that cover all latest technology that  we are still using in 2018.

#2 – The Applications

Apple’s second powerful technology has always been Apple-based apps that proved to better than others.

iCloud: iCloud is a cloud storage service that protects an Apple user device from all threats like Stealing, Accessing without permission and powerful security app. It comes in all Apple products like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Smartwatch, iMac, and

Macbooks. The interesting part is that you can save photos, media, data, reminders, messages, and web browser data, then you can synchronise on all Apple devices. If you have an iPhone and you set a reminder, then it will remind you on Macbook or iMac.

iMessage: You can say that it an advanced messenger released years back by Apple. Today, we have many Messengers, but Apple iMessage is unique. The iPhone X has animated emoji system that lets you make motion emojis.

Facetime: You can make video calls using the Internet or your mobile network, but did you know Facetime works smoothly. The users never had to use Skype or Viber to make video calls because Facetime perfected the technology using the mobile network.

Notification Bar: I told you about Final Cut Pro, but do you know that notifications appears on your iMac or MacBook when synchronise to your PC? It means that you don’t have to look at your phone while working!

There are more applications released by the Apple, but these are the important ones that made a difference in the Apple Ecosystem since the release of the iPhone and iPad.

#3 – Support & Performance

Apple has integrated revolutionary features to the iPhone, iOS, and then Macbook, but where Apple wins?

Support: If you buy an Apple product from any country, then you move to another country, and your iPhone or any other Apple product broke, what’s next?

The reach and service of the Apple stores remain the same in every country, unless the Apple Store owner is a jackass, or have jackass employees. Apple store franchise requirements are brutal to the owners because the quality checks are incredibly high, and you cannot afford to miscalculate once.

If the users find the place unsatisfactory, then Apple main branch conducts audits, which kills the franchise stores in an instant. So quality service and customer satisfaction are guaranteed everywhere around the world.

Performance: Apple builds software and hardware in their company. The Apple Company has a 5-star rating, despite not having low specifications. Unlike Samsung, OnePlus, and other Chinese brands rely on Android and other companies for processors. While Apple builds iOS and Hardware, and that’s the real reason why Apple products are stable. But, they get slower with time, and many believe that they do it on purpose.

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