Without a doubt, Apple Watches have become the standard for all smartwatches in the market. This tiny computer on your wrist has pushed the boundaries of what a modern watch can do. While it’s not necessarily a must-have, since you can go about your day without ever using one, those who have tried their hands on this nifty device certainly did not look back. 

Apple Watches are probably one of the best things that happened in the watchmaking industry, but  here’s the catch: they cost quite a fortune. All of these perks and benefits are only great if you have the money to spare, and if you do, wouldn’t you want to take an extra step to take care of it? Despite the fact that it’s a highly advanced smartwatch, it’s still not free from any sort of damage as you continue using it throughout the years. 

If you’re wondering how you can shield your Apple Watch from any damage, brands like LUNATIK have come up with watch kits that will protect your Apple Watch. To help you with your purchase, we reviewed the offerings from LUNATIK and decided whether they’re actually worth purchasing, or you might want to check other brands with similar products. Read on and find out our verdict!

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Depending on your preferences, the LUNATIK Epik Apple Watch Kit has a variety of choices to choose from: stainless steel, aluminum, leather and polycarbonate. If you’re worried about the compatibility of these kits to your Apple Watch, they have made these options available in every Apple Watch Series as listed on their website.

They fit perfectly on the Apple Watch, leaving enough space to access the display and provide a built-in covering for the side buttons without interfering with its function. The speaker and microphone also have dedicated mesh grilles and slots that do not hamper the audio quality. All LUNATIK Epik Apple Watch kits have a circular cutout to expose the heart rate sensor, so health-related apps will continue to operate without the slightest intervention from the kit.


Like other watch kits, LUNATIK Epik Apple Watch Kits do fall behind on certain aspects despite its perks. One frequent issue with these watch kits is that some models, such as the aluminum and stainless steel watch kits, require a few adjustments for it to fit perfectly on your wrist. While this can be not that big of an issue for some users, others who don’t have that much knowledge on how to adjust the length of their watch kits on their own might have to watch some tutorials first. 

Also, this prevents you from frequent watch band changes. Considering how the adjustment of your watch kit can be time consuming, replacing the kits altogether will take some time as well, so forget about changing your kits a few minutes before going out for an appointment because it will just take quite some time to finish. 

The verdict

So, should you get one from the LUNATIK Apple Watch kits? Well, if the cons don’t really bother you, then we’ll say go for it. Overall, they’re quite efficient in protecting your Apple Watch from scratches and other minor damages, and having a watch kit for protection is definitely better than leaving your smartwatch bare and prone to damage. If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your Apple Watch without losing its functionality, then these watch kits are enough to be a worthwhile purchase.

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