Tinder vs. Facebook vs. Twitter (Competition) – War of The Social Giants?

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Tinder founded by Sean Rad, Dinesh Moorjani, Joe Munoz, Whitney Wolfe, and, Justin Mateen, and Jonathan Badeen, and it took a lot of intelligent people, and investment to make Tinder live in the USA. Technology website TechCrunch awarded Best Startup of the Year 2013, which helped them seed more investments from a venture capitalist and angel investors.

Now, we have social media giant The Facebook revealed that they would be introducing dating facilities on their platform, which can break Tinder into pieces sooner or later.

On the other hand, we have Twitter, who is a direct competitor to The Facebook, who remained silent after all the dating features buzz.

Tinder vs. Facebook vs. Twitter Face off:

We are going to analyze three major companies, and tell you which platform would be ideal for you. Also give you some information on business perception as well.
I think it would be ideal if we begin with Tinder because currently, they are holding the Number one title in the world, and you can comprehend the verified theory better way.

1. Tinder

The company faced plenty of competition during the startup days, but they have handled it very well. The competitors were website based dating services, but Tinder was focusing more on the smartphone-based dating service. The Tinder used latest technology GPS, Oath login, Match up the algorithm, and more to give accurate results.


Every dating service has matched up the algorithm, but Tinder was better at it. The company used social media accounts to authenticate profiles to eliminate fake profiles out of their system. Even though creating fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts are easy. Still, people had a hope that there are no fake profiles.


  1. The algorithm designed to give you accurate results.
  2. The algorithm helps you find men and women based on your locality and the region you are from.
  3. The company has maintained that the standards that they have original profiles on their platform, so they are using social media oath logins.
  4. They have a strong spam team, which keeps the frauds and spammers out of the service.
  5. No advertisements and the paid service allow them to keep the services at the top level.
  6. In the USA alone, the Tinder has worked for everyone, and many people connected using Tinder. The business model has also worked for them, which led to the international expansion of the services.
  7. Tinder has beaten rival companies, but they are developing new rivals, who can take them down to earth. However, Tinder has developed a massive number of users, who have successfully met new people, and hang out with them as well.

2. Facebook

The Facebook is the social media giant that has helped millions of people around the world to connect, create, share, and maintain a relationship from a distance. I couldn’t agree more than the Facebook has helped more people in the world like no other network or service has done before in the world.

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The Facebook has helped me connect with friends and also start a business, which makes the company valuable for me. Now, the company has decided to establish their business in dating sector. Those who don’t know that The Facebook ideas were to create a dating website, but they decided to drop the idea of dating, and then they added “Single,” “ Married,“ “In a relationship,” and “Complicated.”

Now, they want to enter into Dating Service business. If you’re unaware then you read my blog where I predicted Features of Facebook Dating.


  1. The Facebook have never asked their users to pay a single penny, which is one of the reasons, why it became a social media giant. The Facebook planning to provide dating services for free-of-cost.
  2. Everyone has to create a separate profile in DATING OPTIONS. No one from your friends list will be able to view or find out about your profile unless you want them to access it as well.
  3. You can attend an event and find people who are attending as well, then start conversation, if you like any one of the person.
  4. Privacy settings for every user.

You are going to get premium features and services for free-of-cost very soon by the Facebook.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that enables you to tweet and join any conversation with a hashtag.


Many of you might be users of the Twitter, but as business perceptive, we can tell that Twitter is growing at a tremendous rate. We can tell that Twitter business is going to boom soon because the shareholders and stockholders are investing more than just money to help the company grow.

What’s next for Twitter?

Currently, Twitter officials are focusing on their business model and growth of the company regarding features, improvement, and growth. However, they are not going to offer Dating Services sooner or later.

They might consider, but it’s not going to happen because the shareholders would never agree and assist them in expanding their business in dating sector. Twitter does lack momentum in many countries, and they are facing heavy competition from the rivals.

We may not see them in dating sector, but they will continue to grow. When major companies cannot directly get into the business, then they acquire an existing business to enter into the sector from the back door. Twitter may offer hefty amount to Tinder or join forces to battle The Facebook in the future.

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