Our Experts Choose Their Best Apple Watch Golf GPS

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Apple Watch is a wonderful device, and you’re able to make the most of the detectors and committed App Store. The fantastic news for Golf fans, there is a Best Apple Watch Golf GPS. And, if you’re an avid golf enthusiast, then people will work like a charm. This report will help you with this and compiles the very best golf programs for your Apple Watch.

Try out these very best golf programs together with your Apple Watch and choose your golf playing into another level. Let’s dig deep into every one of the programs one-by-one.

Best Apple Watch Golf GPS

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1. Wareable best select – Hole19

Wareable top pick – Hole19

Our favorite Apple Watch golf program, Hole 19’s first iPhone program is a leading scoring societal platform for golfers. You are going to receive distances into the front, back and center of this green, also you are able to keep score in your watch too even though we fish outside the iPhone program for documenting putts and tee direction, which is only simpler to use while awaiting the next tee.

The Apple Watch program itself maybe a tiny bit of a faff to utilize whether the hole info does not change over automatically, however you get used to that way you want to swipe.

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2. Golf Game Book

For the ones that reside for the contest, Golf Game Book’s program is centered on team scoring. You may make tournaments with real-time scoring that is not special to Golf Game Book – however, you might also see the leaderboard in your Apple Watch, together with at-a-glance stroke-play scores for up to four gamers.

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There is the conventional range-finding aspect also, and you’re able to input information on fairways hit/missed and putts taken. The program is nowhere near as slick as Hole 19 or 18Birdies, but the group scoring item which makes it well worth checking out.

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3. 18Birdies


Another good range-finding Apple Watch program, 18Birdies excels in scoring, together with the capacity to include pops, fairways hit/missed, chips and greens in regulation, everything from the wrist. The Watch data outlook is marginally more packed with info compared to Hole 19, however, which may not match fat fingers.

The iPhone program is actually well-designed and full of fun additional side matches, rewards, and a few schooling – there is also a superior tier with bar recommendations and innovative stats.

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4. Fun Golf GPS

Fun Golf GPS does not create the true sport of golf entertaining, however, it will include some excellent visuals and scoring for up to four gamers on your Apple Watch program. The program is likely to take advantage of this GPS from the Apple Watch Series 2 or later also, so it is not on your cell phone.

Unlike others on evaluation, Fun Golf GPS provides a 2D visual of this green and encompassing bunkers/hazards (3D should you start your iPhone), which is really super convenient if you are not familiar with the design of this program.

You obviously get distances front, mid and rear and there is an instantaneous shot monitoring quality that steps your drives and also you’re able to save yourself the great ones to gloat over after.

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5. GolfShot

There is a good deal more into the GolfShot platform compared to wrist-based distances, and it is, in fact, one of the better services for reserving tee-times and exercising handicaps. Nonetheless, concerning layout, it will lag behind the contest, and we found it somewhat difficult to utilize.

The Apple Watch program itself provides a comprehensive summary of the gap, which will be unique to the program, and you’ll be able to zoom in on the green even though it utilizes zoomed-in satellite imaging, and this is not of the highest quality. We preferred Fun Golf GPS’s vibrant vision.

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6. GolfLogix GPS

GolfLogix GPS

GolfLogix, using its update for 2019, has included a few more features. The GolfLogix presents true GPS distances, 3D color maps, 4-player scoring, etc., makes this among the very best golf programs for Apple Watch users. This Watch Golf GPS program has advice available for at least 35,000 classes throughout the world.

In any case, you also receive the aim help to absolutely target the holes. The most important highlight characteristic of this program is that the Putt Breaks. The Putt Breaks permits you to click the positioning of this ball and drag the box to where you would like to target. What’s more, it provides you with laser-guided aim assistance along with also a close-up of the colored map.

GolfLogix provides you more data compared to other programs. Nonetheless, you need to pay a subscription fee to utilize the majority of its innovative features.

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7. Zepp Golf

Zepp Golf is a program that works together with the 150 Zepp Golf 2 detector. This program is a personalized training system that makes it possible to understand the nits and grits of golfing. It provides training classes in LPGA Pro Michelle Wie. Zepp features don’t stop here. In any case, it utilizes advanced-tech to keep track of your club swings.

In addition, you can monitor your path rate, hand trail, and rate. Anyway, it can catch your swing at a movie for your own training. All this is contained in this free version of the program.

Together with the Zepp detector, you may use this program to receive detailed data for metrics that are essential. Also, you also receive 3D Swing analysis, real-time swing metrics, and also accessibility to some library to learn the craft of swing.

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8. GolfNow – Novel Tee Times Golf GPS

If you’re a golfer, you understand the value of tee time. GolfNow is the ideal tee time booking program, trusted by more than 3 million golfers across the globe. It provides you excellent deals, and discounts accessible during tee time.

GolfNow offers tee time on over 6,000 courses globally. Anyway, it’s also a golf GPS to keep track of your sport at over 30,000 courses globally. You are able to check for the best deals on hotels, make reservations, get advice, etc… inside the program.

In addition, you also acquire in-depth statistics, class info, a scorecard for up to 4 players, etc..

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9. TheGrint


TheGrint is your finest Golf handicaps, providers. It provides USGA accredited handicaps, GPS for 37,000+ classes, and much more. It is possible to monitor your’s and your buddy’s disability easily with TheGrint. There are additional features, too.

Like for example, you may use the easy interface of this program to keep track of your score. Also, compare your live scores along with other people using its leaderboard attribute. The free version also includes Pro-Like data. Lets you arrange your tee as well.

Additionally, it provides the very best in class customer service that reacts fast. The paid version of this program comprises the”Scorecard Picture Service.” You need to upload the picture of your scorecard, and it’ll transcribe the hole by hole scores for you.

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10. Golf Pad

Golf Pad delivers many essential features at no cost. It provides golf range finder, scorecards, shooter timer, etc.. Golf Pad comes with an intuitive and effortless interface. This program can be found on over 40,000 courses globally. In addition, it doesn’t require any registration to use this program.

Many premium features can be found in Golf Pad at no cost. Like immediate distance, scoring for up to 4 players, club monitoring, aerial maps, and much more. In any case, it’s a full-featured GPS range finder program. It is also possible to discuss your scorecard across different social networking networks.

Furthermore, this program provides detailed data for putts, precision, penalties, etc.. However, the con is that you must obtain a subscription of $19.99 for Apple Watch support.

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Epik Watch understands this can occur from time to time using GPS watches so it could be merely one of these items. However, a couple of holes appeared off once you find the point of what GolfShot presumes is that the center of the green. It was only annoying not having full confidence in the view program unless I used the telephone.