Top 16 Best Surf Watch In 2020

best surf watch

Are you considering investing in a brand new surf view?

Attempting to work out the best surf watches to choose from?

Well, if you need a straightforward tidal watch or go out and monitor your surf sessions with GPS and on over all of the stats here would be the very best surf watches on earth, with something to suit every budget…

Best Surf Watch

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1. Apple Watch Series 4

That is considered by many surfers since the ideal surf watch now. It is difficult to argue with them provided that this product is only packed with features. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. You might even set up GPS tracking and browse prediction apps on this telephone.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by a 64-bit dual-core S4 processor, which can be up to two times faster than the processor of its predecessor. Another distinction between the two is this Watch Series comes with an electric heart detector and an ECG program that’s set to be established this past year.

What’s more, it includes a drop detection function which will be convenient during a health emergency. This purpose is intelligent, to say the very least.

It may ask you when you’re okay once it’s discovered that you dropped hard. If you are not able to react in a moment, the work will automatically call an ambulance and send the location to the emergency telephone.

This smartwatch includes a battery life of approximately 18 hours.

2. Vestal Men’s Brig Watch

Vestal Men’s Brig Watch might be as glamorous as an Apple Watch, but it can provide the goods, so to speak. It’s a slick digital interface and innovative features that make it attractive even to the most discerning buyers.

Among the more prominent features of this surf watch is the way it can ascertain the wave at over 200 beaches across the world.

Much more impressive is the fact that it may do this for another 10 decades, which makes the watch a fantastic investment. The watch presents an electronic wave chart for fast and effortless interpretation of information.

Water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters, the Brig Watch includes a difficult polycarbonate face. This view was created by the famous surfer Jordy Smith.

3. Rip Curl Rifles

For most surfing aficionados, Rip Curl is new that requires no introduction. It’s famous for its innovative and well-made browsing sportswear and accessories. This browse watch is pre-programmed with 500 wave places, making it a fantastic accessory for users. It’s an old-school style which should capture the interest of folks who enjoy retro-looking watches.

It’s the typical features, like an alarm clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, and mild which are useful to novice and experienced surfers alike.

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And since it does not possess the complex features of a smartwatch such as the Apple Watch, it almost does not need overnight charging. It functions on a typical battery, and this will require replacement every couple of decades.

Made from marine-grade stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal, this watch is rugged and 100% waterproof. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. The watch is comfy, too, since it’s the strap is constructed from polyurethane. The strap is extremely resistant to tear and wear.

4. Nixon Ultratide Tide Watch

There are a whole lot of things to appreciate about this surf watch from Nixon. Designed with browse report bureau Surfline, this view can provide accurate information useful for users, including air temperature, wind speed, wave, wave height, and water temperature. It’s smart to notify its customers on the ideal time and place to browse.

It is a battery-operated watch that’s offered in a number of colours. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. It may also be synced with Bluetooth capable devices. There’s a program on the Apple App Store which may be tapped to sync the browse watch with an iPhone.

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The watch has a high-resolution screen that constantly updates prediction data for various surf spots around the globe. It features a heating timer and browses session monitoring that letters keep tabs on the length of the browse. When some may feel that the Ultratide is somewhat heavy for its size, its horizontal profile over makes up for it.

5. Rip Curl Men’s A1111-CHA

As stated previously, Rip Curl is among the greatest brands in surf accessories. It proves that great standing on this SearchGPS watch. This version is capable of monitoring surf, registering high speed, and space. It may also be synced using a program to record your progress.

The opinion comes with a retro-inspired square layout using an electronic display that displays the date, time, and day. The strap is made from silicone with buckle closure. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters.

It may let users relive their browsing experience as it could show vital data, such as high speed, wave count, and session time. What’s more, it’s likely to discuss these details online so that your buddies will love what you’ve just achieved. This view may also give advice about over a thousand surf places.

When in GPS mode, the GPS battery can last up to ten hours. However, if the GPS work is switched off, the battery life span may expand up to six months.

6. Vestal Alpha Bravo 10

If you’re trying to find a surf watch which you may use if not on the shore, then consider obtaining the Vestal Alpha Bravo 10. It resembles a watch for casual wear, however, it’s built and made for surfers.

The belt and casing, as an instance, are manufactured from lightweight and sturdy polycarbonate. Its strap is made of polyurethane. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

But this browsing watch will not provide you with some additional information aside from the moment. It’s essentially a water-resistant timekeeper that is good enough for many surfers and nearly anybody who is into water sports.

7. Nixon Regulus

This is just another browsing watch which you could use while on the shore or if drifting in town. It combines functionality and style in one neat bundle. Although it’s promoted for men, it’s also flexible enough to be worn with women.

This browsing watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It’s double chronographs and a large LED backlight display. The watch is powered by a battery which could work as many as five decades. It’s also made from shock-absorbent materials.

It’s an electronic module with a wonderful collection of purposes, such as alarm clock, dual time display, countdown timer, and light for correcting the brightness of the LCD screen. It’s impact-resistant, also, with its own crown casing made of stainless steel and injection moulded with silicone pushers.

8. Rip Curl Black Aurora

The Rip Curl Black Aurora is a lady’s watch created for people who live a busy lifestyle. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. Its foam ring makes it comfortable to use. Nevertheless, it’s versatile and trendy enough for use for casual wear.

The Rip Curl Black Aurora, contrary to the title, is offered in two other colours: mint and pink. It’s a 38mm plastic casing holding the crown collectively. The polyurethane strap is sturdy and wraps closely around the arm, so preventing the eye from falling off if you’re in the water.

This is a fairly priced browsing watch for girls that lacks lots of the advanced features of another browsing watch on this listing. If you’re trying to find a surf watch which it is possible to wear during a particular event, then the Rip Curl Black Aurora ought to be in your shortlist.

9. Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic

The Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic may be a surprise choice for you, however, it is a truly versatile watch which may be worn while browsing. This basic sports watch is water-resistant up to a thickness of 200 meters, better than the majority of the browsing watches on this listing. It’s also jolt and anti-magnetic resistant.

The Casio Men’s G-Shock is really more of a dive watch, but it’s still helpful for surfers. Its casual and rugged appearance is also suited to everyday usage. It gives several purposes: a daily alarm, stopwatch, and an auto-calendar. There’s a dial using a three-hand analogue screen. The recognizable G-shock emblem can be on display.

And since it’s created by a few of the reputable watch brands on the planet, you can rest certain of the top-notch calibre of this G-Shock Classic.

10. Nixon Men’s Baja Digital displays

The Nixon Baja view comes with a high-contrast LCD display that can reveal the time when it’s dark. There’s an embedded flashlight which you may also use in navigating your way.

It is not the smartest choice but ought to be sufficient to aid you in finding your way in the event your headlamp fails. The browsing watch also features a compass. Besides the features, the Nixon Baja includes a thermometer operate.

The watch comes with a solid and comfortable nylon strap which prevents the lightweight polycarbonate home from falling away. Additionally, it displays hours, minutes, seconds, day, and date of this week.

It’s a premium quality sports view which may have too many buttons and settings for many people. Nevertheless, you’ll receive your money’s worth on this browsing watch.

11. Freestyle Shark Leash Watch

The Freestyle Shark Leash watch comes with a retro-inspired layout. It’s water-resistant, but around 50 meters just. Acceptable for recreational swimming, it features functions a nighttime vision backlight, chronograph, alarm, and countdown heat timer.

You do not actually need to be a techie to ascertain how to get these functions. The stainless steel hydro pushers will still operate even if you’re submerged.

The design of this watch should fit nicely with your own trunks or wetsuit whilst outside on the shore. It’s a veVelcrotrap that’s easy to wear and adjust.

Simply speaking, the Freestyle Shark Leash Watch is a fantastic steal given all of its features.

12. Nixon Men’s Unit 40

Rounding out our record is that this men’s browsing watch from Nixon. Like a number of those browse watches on this listing, this browsing watch looks good enough to be worn for special occasions. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters and features a built-in thermometer and countdown timer.

The face and casing material is read from polycarbonate, while the ring is made of silicone. This browsing watch comes with a classic design which makes it stand out from the remainder of the competition. The watch also has dual time zones, making it a fantastic option if you want to travel seeking the best surfing area.

13. Casio Anti-Magnetic G-Shock Surf Watch

Casio’s amazing Anti-Magnetic G-Shock surf watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant around 200m, therefore it is safe that you wear in your own board, even in the event that you have a fall! It’s been designed to be more immune to magnetism and magnetic apparatus.

Magnetism was demonstrated to impede timekeeping as a magnetic force may throw away your electronic time by around 15 minutes per month. With magnetic resistance, this view ensures accurate timekeeping so that you won’t ever be overdue for a tide!

The G-Shock watch also features an EL backlight with afterglow for simple visibility. Double time, a 1/100-second stopwatch, daily alarm, auto calendar, and 12/24 hour format into ensures that you won’t ever be late again! The battery with this watch will continue for 3 decades, and the outside shell is going to keep the watch protected for a great deal more.

The matte black finish gives the eye a sleek and refined appearance. The touches of crimson on the flip side and outer ring include sufficient embellishment to increase the look of this watch without overpowering it. This view is intuitive and simple to use.

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14. Freestyle USA Shark Clip Surf Watch

The glowing neon layout of the vintage-style Freestyle USA Shark Clip Surf Watch guarantees it’s going to stick out in your wrist in the water! This view can be more compact than many watches on this listing, which makes it ideal if you would like something sleeker, or whether you’re bothered by chunky watches while browsing.

The 100-meter water-resistance make this a fantastic watch for surfing too acceptable for snorkelling and swimming, as well as shallow scuba-diving!

The nylon ring gives a cosy fit, which won’t annoy and aggravate your wrist when wet. The watch also features the world period of 24 global towns, local time, date, two alarms, heat timer, chronograph, and night-vision backlight.

The plastic case is shock-resistant and the front is screwed down, which makes it hard and durable. That is even a fantastic watch for children as the minimalistic performance will make it simple for them to utilize.

15. Casio Sports Surf Watch

What you want for a day at the shore, this Casio Sport surf watch is excellent for surfing comes in at a very low price-point for this type of top-rated item of kit! This view is packed full of features and advantages. Primarily it’s shock-resistant and water-resistant.

In case you’ve ever been browsing, you understand this is essential! The watch also includes a multi-functional dial using a backlight, letting you observe the time (and more) from the deepest states. The movement is quartz using an electronic dial.

You won’t ever miss these early starts in the shore with this browse watch as it includes a multi-functional alert, a 1/100-second stopwatch (for instance your large runs), hourly time signal, countdown timer, daily alarm clock, auto-calendar (for coordinating your own browsing experiences ), 12/24 out formats (for people who need choice), also can be water-resistant to 200m.

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The only disadvantage of the watch is that although it’s water-resistant it isn’t fully waterproof and consequently cannot be utilized for fully-subversive sports like scuba diving.

16. Rip Curl Men’s Rifle’s Tide Digital Surf Watch

With 500 shores programmed to this Rip Curl Men’s Rifle’s Tide Digital surf view, you’ll never be captured in the wrong time again! The watch will let you know the time in the shore, the elevation of the wave, and if the wave is coming in or going out.

This is a superb watch for anyone who’s serious about browsing and wishes to pack up and move without thorough training. This watch features a foam strap that gives enhanced durability from the water. The opinion itself can be water-resistant around 100m.

Coming in at great value, this is among the most economical watches on the listing. The screen is easy and that the menu-based interface is both intuitive and eliminates the need for a number of buttons. There is also an alarm clock, stopwatch, countdown timer, and lights layout of the watch is easy and refined, using a black electronic screen giving it a sign of nostalgia, but featuring all the advantages of a professional browse view.

Surf Watch Buying Guide

Before you finalize about which browse watch you would buy, here are some facets of this watch you might choose to double-check to make certain you are going to have a fantastic surf view.

Water Resistance

When taking a wristwatch in any water activities, if that may be sports or leisure, you have to first observe its own water resistance to be certain it will continue to be operational once you’re at the water and as you come out (particularly if it is a smartwatch! ) )

Therefore, for the browsing sessions, the suggested water resistance would be 10 ATM. Meaning, it may go as deep as 100 meters.

It’s also the suggested rating for snorkelling, swimming, sailing and water sports. A 5 ATM evaluation, on the other hand, might also be great enough since it’s currently acceptable for ordinary usage, bathing, bathing, shallow-water swimming pool, swimming, water-related fishing. You simply need to be conscious enough and keep in mind to not go deeper than mandatory whilst sporting your watch.

Tide Works

You would also need to look at the wave functions the watch gifts. Does this only show low or high tide? Or does this also quantify tides and shows you a chart? Could it also reveal future tides of this shore you seen or just the current wave? These are just a few of the questions which may steer you in assessing the watch’s wave functions.

Pre-loaded Beaches

Most browse watches have pre-loaded shores; as it comes to this aspect, the longer, the better. In only a few pushes of the button, it is easy to have a look at the surfing beaches closest you.

This is particularly great if you’re the sort who prefers to see beaches in different nations because the pre-loaded shores are often located around the world. With this purpose, you do not need to waste time seeing ashore only to understand that it isn’t a fantastic surfing spot.

Surf Dial

The faucet might appear a minor facet of the watch. But, such isn’t the situation. When you are under sunlight and awaiting your wave, then you’d want an eye with readily readable faucet. One in which you will continue to have the ability to find the information you desire even under direct sunlight.

For our Garmin smartwatches previously, by way of instance, as soon as you install and get the Garmin Surf Tracker2 program, then dial immediately changes from being a smartwatch to a committed surf view.


Some might also wish to consider the new and might favour the ones that have already established a fantastic reputation in browsing. If you are especially considering this aspect, you would be happy to understand that Rip Curl and Nixon are recorded one of the very best surf brands.

In reality, Rip Curl is considered one of the big three at the surf industry together with Billabong and Quiksilver.


Q: Is a water-resistant view water-proof?

A: No watch is totally water-proof, however, the water-resistance will tell you a good deal about the opinion. The greater the water-resistance depth, the more resistant the watch is going to be to warm water in more thickness.

By way of instance, in case you’ve got a watch that’s water-resistant to 100m along with a watch that’s water-resistant to 200m, the 200m watch will probably be water-resistant compared to the 100m watch, even in a depth of 50m.

Water-resistant watches are good beneath the water, but you need to always make certain you don’t use it submerged for a prolonged time period, particularly near or under the suggested thickness.

Q: How do I replace my view battery?

A: Many watches have a method of getting into the internal mechanisms (but some newer watches don’t, and the battery can’t be replaced). Follow the instructions on your documentation, which normally involve taking front or the rear of the watch away.

Should you retreat comfy replacing the battery or there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to replace that, then take it to a professional for assistance.

Q: How can I clean my opinion?

A: Many watches will come blank with just a bit of water and a cloth. Most home cleaning sprays may also do the job. Use the fabric to use soap into the watch and wash out the entirety of this watch (be certain that you use a cloth that will not harm or scratch the eye ). Use a little warm water to wash the soap off, then wash the watch using a sterile cloth.

Closing Words

While this tech fad continues to grow from the surf market Epik Watch always update this report. Surfers and wave riders have included surf watches as a piece of the equipment mainly due to the helpful information they are easily able to get even on water.

Epik Watch has introduced the very best surf watches for you to select from. While all these are helpful and lasting for your browsing sessions Epik Watch has tried to add enough choices so that you may select one that is most suitable for your needs, personality, and price range.

Some are still trendy even for casual wear, many others can also be helpful for different sporting activities while there are some who concentrate on tides and browsing independently.

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