Anyone who owns an Apple Watch knows how incredibly useful and awesome it is. However, if you want to maximize its functionality, you must know which apps you should download to fit your daily routine. Make sure you have the essentials as a smartwatch is an everyday companion that you should be able to rely on. Just like our smartphones, a smartwatch gets us through the day from morning to evening, giving us reminders, alarms, and notifications. But aside from the basics, your smartwatch packs a lot more if you just know the right apps to install.

Without further ado, we present to you the top 6 Apple Watch apps in 2021!


Watchsmith works like magic partnered with complications and watch faces. You can set the time in which a specific complication of your choice appears. Watchsmith also features several complications such as astronomy, tides, calendar, climate, and more. You can customize its look and since you can also customize the complications that will appear at certain times, you can have a completely different watch when you are in the office, school, and at home.


Peloton is your partner app for fitness to keep you active and inspired. It can be your helper with yoga, jogging, biking and more. It serves as your progress monitor with music playback so you can enjoy your tunes while working out. Another cool feature is the Chromecast where you can play your movie from your Apple device to a TV screen.


For active people, Strava is famous as one of the contenders for the world’s best exercise programs. It is great for running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, yoga and more. Monitor all your physical activity and sync your Apple’s workout program with the Strava Program for a healthier you.


Hole19 is one of the most-used golf GPS range finders in the USA. Having an iPhone and an Apple watch will give you a great advantage when playing your game. Some of the important tools the Hole19 offers are the GPS range discovering and electronic scorecard. You will have a great time playing golf with your friends while being able to confidently rely on your trusty watch.


The Gymatic Workout is a great app that provides insights through a detailed workout tracker that automatically log reports. It also monitors calories accurately. This app is designed to analyze a variety of physical activities like CrossFit, bodybuilding, running, biking and more.


Rocketbody records everything, from what you do up to your recovery to be able to present your physical activity and make changes for a better workout session. It has smart algorithms that unite all the inputs such as ECG, calories burned and calories ingested through food consumption.

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