The Apple Watch genre includes a multitude of apps, skills, and abilities, allowing you to completely customize your Apple adventure. You can use it to monitor your heart rate, to track your cycling exercise, or just keep on top of your fitness plan. Focusing on sports and trackers, we’ve checked out the best running apps, so you don’t have to; however, to complete the all-round health experience, why not monitor your sleep patterns too, and gain ultimate knowledge of your body.

Here are the best running apps for your Apple Watch.

01. Nike + Run Club

With a vibrant volt yellow layout, clean signposting and intuitive features, this is a great fitness app. The guided Audio Runs, with pointers from Nike athletes, accessible task history showing your last detailed runs, and your saved health stats allow the app to become your personal fitness trainer – without the shouting, or disappointment if the cake call is impossible to ignore.

02. Strava: Run & Ride Training

Strava includes a standalone program that allows you to ditch the smartphone and see your real-time information directly from the Watch display – we are huge fans of this innovative idea. Recording every last beat of data, it will present the information in graphs for analysis, whilst providing a good choice of other useful features.

03. C25K Trainer

If you do not have a favorite running program, the Couch to 5K program for Apple Watch is the ideal place to get started.

Designed for novice runners, it’s safe, soft and encouraging, easing you in gently to the world of running. The exercise structure is sound, following a tried and trusted methodology, and it’s so easy to start.

04. JogRunSprint

The JogRunSprint idea is awesomely simple, brilliantly straightforwards and cunningly clever all at the same time. The focused interval training program makes it easy with the premise: jog for 30 minutes, run for 20 minutes and then sprint (or run a bit faster!) for 10 minutes. Rest and repeat. Presumably, until you are sick or die – we did neither and were ready to start again the next day.

The data download option is a great idea, and this is a likeable, achievable exercise program.

05. SIT (Straightforward Interval Timer)

This is not the best-looking program you are ever going to download, but it wins hands down for functionality and usability. It’s a bonanza of coaching features, covering collections of every type of exercise, built into interval training bouts. Data is saved and monitored with alerts sent out if your heart rate, stress levels, and so on change too much.

This is a great app that we can see making a real difference to your fitness level if you have the dedication and determination to put the effort in.

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