Having an Apple Watch to go with your iPhone these days is pretty common. We buy accessories like Apple Watch protective cases and colorful bands, just like we do for our smartphones. The Apple Watch is a very functional accessory and it is already a part of our everyday life. We wake up with the alarm on our watch, check on our schedule and calendar, and we are notified throughout the day of the incoming notifications on our phone through our smartwatches. The best thing about this evolving technology is that they are not just useful during the daytime but also at night. If you have an Apple Watch you could use it to track your sleep using sleep trackers.

Sleep trackers are incredibly useful for people who want to make sure their sleep cycles are healthy, or people who have a known sleep disorder and want to keep it under control. They are also very useful for athletes and people who exercise a lot because various sleep anomalies can have a negative impact on muscle regeneration and performance.

So, if you’ve decided that you’re getting a sleep tracking app but aren’t quite sure what they track, here’s a list of the best Apple Watch sleep trackers currently on the App Store.



Autosleep is a simple and cohesive sleep tracker. It appears as a simple clock that goes from red to green when you achieve your sleep goals. Autosleep also introduces Sleep Rings that you fill when you get quality sleep. Track how much you have slept and the quality of sleep you are having.

02. SLEEP++

Sleep++ is one of the very popular sleep programs for smartwatches. It is available on the app store and one of the reasons why it is so popular is its simplicity. There is a start button, stop button, and a blue graph for your sleeping pattern.


Pillow is a vibrant sleep tracker that uses sounds and motion and it tracks your routines and presents it in graphs that are easy to read. You can monitor your sleep reports and diagnosis. You can also access added features with their superior subscription option.


HeartWatch is a great app that takes note of your heart speed data and alarms you when there is an unusual report about your heart. It monitors your sleep, sleeping pulse, and waking pulse. The HeartWatch specializes in monitoring your heart and your sleep and its correlation.


Sleep Watch is an app that keeps tabs of your heart rate and phases of sleep mechanically. The Sleep Watch gives you a score or a grade based on your quality of sleep. Understand your sleep better with this easy to understand grading system.


Sleep Pulse 3 is an all-around app for Apple watches. It monitors your movement, pulse, and sleep quality and duration. You can also monitor short naps and record if you sleep talk. It is also easy to view your sleep evaluation directly on your watch.


Sleep Tracker from Sleepmatic is an automated sleep monitoring for long night sleeps and short daytime naps. It resembles Fitbit in a number of ways so it can be a familiar app for most smartwatch users.


Beddit sleep monitor is a sleep watch app that is produced by Apple. Although it does not monitor your sleep on its own but through a sleeping monitor sensor that is purchased separately, it serves as a monitor and a reminder to take daytime naps. Beddit is known more as a daytime sleeping tracker rather than for night time. It encourages napping during the daytime to boost your energy in the middle of the day.

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