Having an Apple watch is very convenient and stylish. It is a much-needed accessory and it is a fashionable wardrobe piece. We love to personalize our gadgets and it is the same with Apple watches. If you are in search of Apple watch faces, Apple has its very own library of watch faces that covers a wide variety of personalities and tastes. Check out our top Apple watch faces.


If you love to watch complications, the Infograph can support up to eight complications. You can enjoy the variety of complications supported by your watch and get the most out of this useful gadget.


Meridian is a popular choice in the Apple watch face gallery. It has a bold analog design and mixes useful functions with style. With Meridian, you have a choice of four complications at the center of your watch.


If you love the Infograph, you might want to try the Modular Compact. It is an alternative to Inforgraph if you need or wants more complications. It can accommodate six complications. In the base, the three icons can be changed into contacts that are common.


The Breathe watch face is perfect for people who want mindfulness and tranquility. With just one click you can jump directly to the Breathe program and enjoy a peaceful guided session. If you cannot let go of your complications, you can still include them in your watch face.


If you want clean and bold colors, the Gradient watch face is your go-to watch face. If you got the Series 5, one cool feature in that Series is that the Gradient will go darker when you put your wrist down. Gradient is perfect especially if you want to complement your bright outfit.


Love wins with this Pride watch face. Show your love with fun face with lush animations and rainbows. It is also a perfect companion to pride week event!


Solar Dial is a new layout from watchOS 6 that features a striking solar step which is a cool tool that lets you know when you can expect sunset. It has a fairly brassy face that is practical and useful.

08. SIRI

Everybody knows Siri; your helper to a more proactive lifestyle. Get things done quickly and efficiently even if you do not have your iPhone on hand. Siri will do everything for you.


Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?! This adorable face is as functional as it is cute! Check the weather, and use the magic guide when you are in the theme park. You can also swap it with Minnie Mouse and the Toy Story gang.


Less is more. Having too much complication on your watch could sometimes be too chaotic rather than helpful. If you just need the date and time and look fashionably sleek, get the Numerals.


The Kaleidoscope face is another zen watch face. Get your calm and breathe. The Kaleidoscope will give you your custom made artwork in your watch by using the watch companion and selecting your picture and layout.


How can you alter faces Apple Watch?

The simplest way to modify the Apple Watch face is by simply slipping your finger right across the display and scrolling through the various alternatives.

If you do not need to experience endless biking between your favorites, but you might even induce touch on the screen to include and select from a broader library.

Be mindful this on-watch list is not the extensive list, however; you are going to have to hit on the + choice on the right to include new watch faces in the catalog.

This may also be retrieved via the Apple Watch companion program, where the complete Face Gallery can be obtained to add choices to your watch.

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Which are Apple Watch complications?

Complications are the miniature, customizable widgets that show up on the watch face and give the means to customize your Watch encounter, and together with all the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5, they have been cranked up another notch.

The excellent thing about complications is they provide you with the info that you need in a minute say, as an instance, a little look in your battery amount to help save you out of swiping to receive it.

To alter them, just hit the customize’ prompt when shifting between confronts; this lets you edit the colors, design components, and complications of every view face and have them stored to the on-watch library.