Not everyone has the time and money to visit the gym every week. Despite the encouragement of health advocates to stay healthy, people simply find it hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So what can possibly be the best way to get fit without the hassle of going to the gym? Bringing the gym right to your home, of course!

Workout apps have made it convenient for those with very hectic schedules to stay healthy and reduce weight without ever leaving their homes. Simply download a workout app, and you’re all set to exercise! The problem is that with so many choices available, it’s hard to see which is the right app. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We scoured both the App Store and Google Play Store to find the top-rated workout apps that have been tried and tested by lots of users and have come up with the best ones on this list. Keep on reading, and you may find the perfect workout app for you!

01. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit is known as a leading brand in the field of fitness trackers, and pairing the Fitbit Coach is definitely a great way to optimize your sports watch. With a daily log of your activities, this app can easily create a specialized set of activities and workouts depending on your lifestyle. Each set is unique and avoids repetition as well because the difficulty of each activity gradually increases so your body is conditioned to exert effort in losing weight and avoid being stagnant.

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02. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is a free workout app that is available on both Android and iOS. It has over 100 different workouts made by professional trainers whose expertise is trusted by Nike themselves. It’s also beginner-friendly as well because the app immediately asks what your fitness goals are prior to actually working out, so each workout is specifically tailored to achieve your target.

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03. Workout Trainer

If you’re planning to commit to a fit lifestyle, start your journey with the Workout Trainer. Their routines are suitable for both newbies and veterans, so you can commit to more challenging workout routines once you think that you have accomplished all the recommended beginner exercises. Additionally, a monthly subscription will provide more perks such as hiring trainers yourselves for a one-on-one session or gaining access to more than 100 various programs apart from the ones made available on the free version.

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04. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Do you prefer an immersive app that will motivate you to stay fit even while at home? The PEAR Personal Fitness Coach is a great workout app for hands-free coaching during workouts. This free app provides guided workout sets that will help you stay focused and determined in every session. For a personal touch, you can choose which coach you want to guide you in every set, a huge difference from most workout apps that use the usual robotic voice.

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05. You Are Your Own Gym

If the numerous gym equipment overwhelms you from attempting to lose weight, it’s time to change your mindset about being fit. You don’t need all the fancy contraptions to burn calories, because your body is an instant gym! You Are Your Own Gym makes use of your own body weight as an alternative. With over 200 various routines and exercises, you’ll never run out of ways to lose weight without even laying your hands on a single piece of gym equipment!

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