Apple Watches have become more than high-tech timepieces and have integrated features that were only previously utilized on mobile phones. This compact technology on your wrist allows you to accomplish several tasks that you normally do with your phone, so you won’t have to take your phone out every time you need to check something, especially the daily weather.

Updating yourself on the weather forecast should be as quick as a glance, which is why Apple Watches make use of different weather apps that can bring you the latest news on the weather with just a single look on your wrist. If you’re looking for the best weather apps for Apple Watches, look no further! We have here the top-rated weather apps on the App store that will deliver the news in an instant!

01. Yahoo Weather

If you want a minimalist interface, the Yahoo Weather app is the right one for you. Unlike other apps that fill your Apple Watch screen with unnecessary information and icons, this weather app makes use of a sleek design that’s pleasing to look at but is straightforward enough to present weather updates that are easy on the eyes.

02. Dark Sky

If you find the Dark Sky a useful app on your phone, there’s no doubt that you’ll love it even more on your Apple Watch. Aside from the simplistic interface, this weather app has been praised for its excellent accuracy in predicting changes in daily weather. It runs 24/7 and will continuously update you of weather forecasts with its global map with real-time and future weather predictions that will help you decide whether to push through with your appointment or postpone it for another day.

03. CARROT Weather

If you want to add a hint of fun to your daily weather forecast, you must try CARROT Weather. Instead of the usual statements for every update, the app informs you of any updates with sarcastic humor and passive-aggressive remarks such as “Bask in the glorious warmth of the partly-obscured sun!” This is a great way to add humor to every weather update, and will definitely leave you smirking every time you check your Apple Watch.

04. WeatherBug

The WeatherBug app doesn’t only update you on weather forecasts, but it also provides essential reports on how the weather can affect your health, especially for those with chronic allergies. Those with this condition will certainly benefit from these specialized reports so it’s easy to plan a trip or appointment that will not cause any harm to their health.

05. Weather Live

If you want a customizable weather app with impressive design, try the Weather Live app. Every update features background images of real-time weather conditions that look great even on the Apple Watch’s small screen. Do you have a preferred order of information for your updates? Sync this app to your iPhone and customize the information feed that you see on your watch with just a swipe. If you have a knack for great app designs, this weather app will definitely not disappoint.

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