Apple watches have a wide variety of apps perfect for fitness or health buff. But what we love about it is that there are specific apps dedicated to or specializing in cycling. Cycling is a great way to exercise and keep your body fit as it utilizes all the body parts in motion. With an Apple watch and a perfect cycling app, you can be sure to maximize your time when you cycle.

Here are the top 4 cycling apps for Apple Watch!


The Apple Watch has its own cycling workout program integrated into its exercise program under the biking sports profile. It is not for professionals though, so if you are a laid back cycler or a leisure cycler this app is apt for you. It gives you the simplest data so you can track your cycling afterward. It also tracks your heart rate and calories burned. If you are new to cycling or you do not need to be bombarded by many complications, Apple’s own cycling program is a great way to start.


The Strava program for Apple Watch is great especially if you do not have an iPhone. It is possible to use the app without an IOS device and it is a great app to track your cycling. You have an option to see your duration, speed, heart rate, calories, and get it evaluated with Strava’s scoring system. You will get a score based on how hard you exercised and its effects on your body.

Another great thing about Strava is its community feature where you can plan, compete, and socialize with your fellow cyclists.

Strava also lets you export your data to third-party programs and other physical fitness programs that will help you get the best of your cycling.


Endomondo is an all-around fitness app aside from biking. It is Beneath Armour-owned and it is a great option between Apple’s own cycling app and Strava. One thing to note is that Endomondo cannot work on your Apple Watch without an iPhone because there is no built-in GPS on its firmware with the Apple watch.

You can pair your Bluetooth HRM using the Endomondo iPhone program to get the most out of your cycling. You can also import your data to third party programs.


The Cyclemeter program offers an impressive amount of information that can compete with committed biking machines. You can configure Cyclemeter to include your energy, heart rate, cycling cadence, speed, and more. If you are a serious cycler you can partner the Cyclemeter with sensors to improve your data.

You could analyze your post-workout data and even export it to third-party programs for further use of your data.

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