The Samsung Galaxy is one of the best and famous android smartphones in the market. Partnered with the Galaxy Watch, it is a serious contender for Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch. But what people who choose Android over IOS love is the flexibility and variety of third-party apps they can install on their Android devices. The interface is also almost always user-friendly so it is a great choice.

Check out our Galaxy Watch app must-haves below, or for Apple users, check out top Apple Watch apps.


Before Spotify, it was a pain to download every single song we want to hear on our devices. Especially if you are loading them on your smartwatch, it could take hours to download every song of your favorite albums. Spotify is a heaven-sent app for every music lover. It hosts a huge variety of music and you can stream it while you are online or download it with just a click of a button before going offline. Also, Samsung & Spotify has a tie-up wherein you get your first six months of Spotify Premium on almost any Samsung Gear wearable for free.

02. UBER

Uber is a must-have app even if you have or do not have your own car. It is especially useful when you are in need of a ride and your car is not available or you are too tired to drive. Uber is a reliable app where you can get a safe and affordable ride wherever you are and wherever you want to go.


Navigation is made simple and easy by WeGo. Your Galaxy Watch does not have Google maps or Apple maps so best to get WeGo. It is effortless to use and even if you think that maps are overrated, believe us you will need it sooner rather than later.


Flipboard keeps you updated with the latest news in current events, sports, politics, technology, movies and more. It is the best news reading app that lets you read the latest news over reputable news websites.


Can’t get off of twitter? Download the Twitter Trends app on your Galaxy Watch so you are still updated on the latest on Twitter even if you are away from your phone. You can get notifications, scroll through tweets, delete, share, and comment. It is the best way to always stay connected to your Twitter account.


Under Armour, Connected Fitness Suite is your ideal physical fitness program. You can track your sleep patterns, fitness, activity, and even nutrition. Personalize it with your own fitness goals and monitor your habits. If you are using your Galaxy Watch as a workout watch then the Under Armour Fitness Suite is your best companion.

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