Top 20+ Best Military Watch In 2020

best military watch

Oftentimes, the time has to be accounted for as correctly as possible, particularly when a gap of mere moments can yield disastrous results.

Professionals in a variety of areas also should monitor weather and altitude conditions, or be subjected to this kind heavy weather which readily destroys a normal watch. Because of this, many of the top producers of watches have designed and produced traces of army motivated timepieces.

A number of these Best Military watch are specially built to military specifications, and a few have been applied by the military and government for decades.

Even when you’re not a member of the army, if you lead an energetic lifestyle you have probably found yourself in circumstances in which only the highest quality strategic timepieces can fit your requirements. Hikers, athletes, climbers, divers, even scientists use these handy features and revel in the simplicity and availability of so much technology in your wrists.

From water immunity to GPS monitoring, these manly watches feature the best and top available attributes found in army watches now

What’s a Military Watch?

Broadly speaking military watches are around, have big, legible superluminescent numerals, a 24-hour monitor for all-night surgeries and matte or bead-blasted instances because glistening surfaces reflect light and may give your position away. NATO or even G10 watch straps – that the cloth strap specially designed from the MoD to be readily adjustable and using a design construction that will keep the eye on the wrist if the spring pub broke – are not a must, but they really do include a little excess authenticity.

The designs can also be broken up into three classes -‘area’, which can be fundamental, usually affordable, three-handers;’pilots’ that have more precise motions, larger dials and additional complications like a chronograph or information like tachymeter scales, and ultimately’diving watches’.

These will be the most expensive and also the very robust with all of the components you would expect on a diving watch – unidirectional bezel, lume, maybe a helium escape valve and water resistance varying from 200m to 1000m+.

Best Military Watch In 2020

Best Military Watch

1. Traser P66 Automatic Pro

This is a newborn due to the armed forces. In 1989, the united states army approached requested MB-micro tec, the firm founded by inventor Oskar Thüler in 1969, to make a mil-spec watch utilizing trig light – the self-illumination tech Thüler had devised.

Ever since that time its rocky no-nonsense design is becoming popular with the British army and is among the very few brands servicemen and women to buy for themselves. Plus it’s easy to see why. The case is strong, the dial is easy to read, is fantastic to 300m along with the trig light technology usually means it is luminescent 24 hours every day with no need for outside lighting. Fantastic for night ops.

2. Bremont Argonaut

The army’s love of Bremont hasn’t been a mystery, but the couple has made it official with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently announcing it because its luxury watches spouse. Together with the Broadsword for the Army and the Arrow for the RAF, there is this stunning slice of retro diver trendy for the Navy – the aptly called Argonaut.

Instead of the usual chunky outer bezel, it’s an interior rotating one, which retains its case more compact, whereas the black dial with habit Superluminova at a mint colour is directly from the Dirty Dozen (the title given to a little battalion of watches commissioned by the British Army during World War II – not the Lee Marvin D-Day romps). Regardless of being an instrument watch, this seems just like a timepiece more to get a gentleman than innovation. Naval dress whites discretionary.

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3. Omega Seamaster 300

This may look to be strange addition however, in addition to being worn by everybody’s favourite twice 0, the Omega Seamaster 300 has army provenance. The very first creation that the ref.CK2913-1 has initially launched in two variations date and no date.

The British armed forces took a glow to the prior and, between 1967 and 1971 the Ministry of Defence took delivery of Seamasters which was mil-specced with various hands and a screw-down crown and spread them among the Royal Navy and the Army. Thus, strap a Seamaster and picture that anything you do while sporting it’s to get Queen and country.

4. Timex Expedition Ranger Solar

Even though it is inclined to choose the phrase”army-inspired” in its descriptions, a quick Google search shows that Timex was issued to the US Army back in the 1990s and even now the brand is viewed on the wrists of serving employees.

This Expedition is very popular as it’s hard-wearing, solar-powered so no worries about the battery running out when you are outside on or at the middle of nowhere and fairly priced, which means that you will not be precious about it getting knocked about. All that and it is stylish enough to wear Civvy Street too.

5. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

While brands like IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Omega were providing watches into the British ministry, in the US it had been about Hamilton. Throughout World War II, the Pennsylvania-based manufacturer made almost 10,000 marine chronometers for the US Navy and provided more than a million of its own Hack watches to servicemen.

Mud, snow, rain, tropical humidity nothing can prevent these resilient timepieces along with the Khaki is your Hack’s direct descendent. The 21st-century model remains just as practical and basic, and the accession of this NATO-style strap gives it a little on-trend, nevertheless historically true flair.

6. Vertex MP45

Despite being among the Dirty Dozen, maybe not everything Vertex created for the army was a victory. Back in 1945, the company was requested by the War Office to create an Ordinance timing view. Vertex worked with motion manufacturer Lemania to match the short however rationing created a distribution issue and the project has been shelved.

Now the brand was restored under the leadership of Don Cochrane that the first creator’s great-grandson this monopusher chronograph was placed into production for the first time. And what a great thing also.

Offered in either hand-wound or automatic and powered with a totally new motion by Sellita, this can be a wristwatch that ticks all those army reissue boxes but still manages to appear modern instead of slavishly retro. Additionally, it has a little more of a dress texture, so perhaps leave the M65 field jacket in your home.

7. Longines Heritage Military COSD

According to a wristwatch that was issued to British paratroopers during World War II, there is so much to appreciate about this Longines. Since they’re based on specifications ordered by a nation’s army, watches of the ilk can look quite similar, but that provides something somewhat different.

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There is the colour pop out of the reddish, 24-hour internal monitor numerals, the particulars of contrast white stitching on the black alligator leather strap along with the perfectly proportioned 40mm stainless steel case. It is clearly a military view but one which is more appropriate to the mess hall compared to the trenches.

8. Panerai Radiomir California 47mm

Calculators, fuses for torpedoes, thickness meters, compasses those were what Panerai initially supplied to the Italian Navy before its frogmen, sailors who attached explosives to enemy warships during World War II, determined they had watertight watches. The Radiomir was sent into the Italian Admiralty in 1936 and from 1938 they had been secured to the havoc-causing wrists of their incursion.

Panerai and California dials (Roman numerals up high, Arabic under ) have a kind and here it is combined with an eight-day power book and a shameful DLC-coated case. This view was accused of being a”Panerai best hits” but if your back catalogue is so powerful, who cares if everybody already knows all of the words?

9. Casio G-Shock Ref. GA-150-1AER

Also from the”watches support folks buy themselves” class is your ever-reliable G-Shock. And that isn’t surprising those watches were made especially to defy a 10m collapse onto concrete.

This G-Shock also features the brand’s patented Hollow Core Guard Structure to protect the quartz movement indoors against vibration and impact such as from heavy-duty operations, the situation was mounted to be protected from magnetic fields and it’s a 200m water resistance so it is possible to scuba inside.

You will find all the other bells and whistles also, for example, countdown timer works, world time and also the choice to place five daily alerts. More than enough to keep you entertained while awaiting orders to ambush the enemy.

10. Breitling Aerospace Evo

First established in 1985, the Aerospace Evo has turned into among the most well-known watches together with the British army with several squadrons commissioning watches using their insignia on the dial. It effortless to see why it’s so popular; it is a watch which states, “I really do important things and that I require a precision piece of apparel to assist me .”

Powering it’s Breitling’s chronometer-certified SuperQuartz calibre, which can be 10 times more precise than normal quartz, is quite simple to use, as a result of its capability to trigger acts like 1/100th of another chronograph and countdown timer with the crown moulding In 43mm, it is not quite as much of a monster as some Breitlings, but that only means it will still look great even once you remove your bomber coat.

11. Casio F108WH Illuminator Collection Black Resin Strap Digital

If you are not prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your next watch, Casio’s classic email with the dependable date and time screen and strong resin layout is just one of the most inexpensive and best worth of its type available on the market.

With features such as daily alarms, hourly signs, along with a stopwatch that reads to 1/100th of a second, you can keep ready for each and every occasion without straining your wallet.

12. Citizen BM818003E Eco-Drive Stainless Steel

For the guy that wants a watch which stays reliable and retains up powerful, this stainless steel and green canvas layout are the ideal balance of relaxation and durability. The Eco-Drive feature enables this view and many others of its logo to recharge readily and mechanically off any light source, so the battery will run indefinitely.

13. G Shock Rangeman Master Of G Series

Casio’s Rangeman features a shock-resistant triple detector with altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass. Cycling through detector modes comprises audible tones for fast navigation and endurance without so much as a glimpse. This nuclear and solar-powered timepiece is springy and sturdy, ideal for wear at the most extreme conditions.

14. Citizen JY803504E Navihawk Stainless Steel Eco Drives

The NaviHawk features universal coordinated time screen for nuclear timekeeping technology true in 43 planet cities. This view comprises 4 subdials, a rotating slide rule dial ring, multifunction chronographs, and electronic display. Along with being globally beneficial, the Eco-Drive battery stainless steel case to make this long-lived bit a priceless tool.

15. Seiko SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel With Black Canvas Strap

Are constantly on the go? Are your palms in constant motion? The analogue display with this fashionable watch utilizes a 21-jewel automated motion for precision and accuracy. Rather than a battery, electricity is created through the movement of their wearer’s arm. Ultimately, a watch made to thrive on your constant action level.

16. G Shock GA1101B Military Series

Casio’s military-inspired layout is shock resistant, magnet immunity, and water-resistant up to 200 meters. The analogue-digital screen involves an automated LED with afterglow along with a subdial for measuring rate. The daring resin substance produces a safe comfortable fit which never fails.

17. Timex Expedition Camper

This military-inspired design was popular because of its prototype in 1918. Your watch may be durable and tough with no bulky and baffling. This analogue container watch is made with a convenient lightweight design and comfortable nylon group, but nevertheless, carries the strength and durability of outdoor life.

18. G Shock GG10001A5CR Mudmaster Military Beige

Like its brother green, the beige MudMaster also includes convenient digital compass and thermometer. Both watches are hardy in the harshest conditions and provide accurate readouts for navigation and time. The army life frequently demands a watch which could withstand the rigours and barriers of a busy way of life, and Casio has dedicated to upholding exactly that.

19. Suunto Core

Suunto has taken outside navigation and trekking to another level. Besides this altimeter, barometer, and electronic compass, the Suunto Core additionally monitors weather states to alert you of impending storms. By monitoring weather tendencies and sunsets in 400 distinct places, you can keep ready and prevent inclement surprises.

20. G Shock GG10001A3 Mudmaster Military Green

Trek confidently into the messiest places with this rugged resin-infused analogue-digital timepiece, complete with electronic compass and thermometer. The bezel is marked with moments for simple navigation, and the automated LED includes a Super Illuminator appropriate for the blackest nights or heaviest fogs.

21. Seiko SNE331 Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel With Beige Nylon Band

Seiko is a longtime leader in high-performance timepieces, and the solar energy attribute causes this resilient watch a must-have to the demanding lifestyle. This view is more durable, comfortable, stylish, and overall suitable for precise timekeeping.

22. Suunto Traverse Alpha

This view is analyzed in Finland against army criteria. State of the art GPS monitoring uses automatic shot detection to capture shots shot and make a path of your past measures. It employs exactly the identical detection of weather tendencies, sunrise times, and specific tools to provide accurate responses.

23. Bell & Ross Aviation Br01 Limited Edition Altimeter

Designers from Bell & Ross united the pilot’s requirement for practical resourcefulness with high-end comfort and design to make this one-of-a-kind altimeter watch. The slick black steel casing and anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal create for a timepiece that stays durable and resilient in the roughest conditions. Very few are being fabricated within this exclusive lineup, so act quickly.

24. Bell & Ross Aviation BR0392 Mil CE

There is more than the normal army green into the durable, self-winding watch, complete with luminescent hands, time markers, and date attribute. Bell and Ross have strived to make a wristwatch hard enough for any terrain. Blaze through each land with all the comfortable yet sturdy green canvas strap along with matte black porcelain case.

25. Bell & Ross Aviation Phantom All Black Dial Chronograph

Discreet and imperceptible nonetheless still clearly legible, this black layout with black-toned markers and hands shows the time and date with magnificent precision. Subdials inside the face correctly quantify increments of 30 minutes and 60 minutes at a brightly designed mixture of work and stealth.

26. Breitling Cockpit B50 Nighttime Mission

Be ready and keep tabs in any way hours using Breitling’s multifunction electronic chronograph. This black ceramic cased analogue and digital mix involves a bi-directional rotating aluminium bezel marked with moments on the outside rim and screen features specifically designed for aviation.

Army Watch Buyers Guide & FAQ

People about to buy their initial military watch generally have queries. Epik Watch has brought together the 3 most frequent questions Epik Watch encountered during our study in the most effective army watches in the hope this will provide you with a helpful starting point on your hunt for the ideal military/tactical watch for you.

Q: What’s a Military Grade Watch?

A: A army view, very similar to the best work watches, is one which is normally constructed from high impact materials and engineered in a means that provides you with as lots of helpful precision tools as may be almost included.

Whether you are a rescue worker, police officer, hiker or soldier army watches are intended to assist you to perform your duties in the best way possible and also to provide you invaluable information you will need if you end up lost in the wild or behind enemy lines.

Q: Why Would You Want Army Watches?

A: Folks need military watches to help them navigate unfamiliar land. Premium quality army watches may also provide them with invaluable weather info such as barometric pressure that may give them a very clear indication if there is stormy weather on the horizon.

A compass or compass watch is an invaluable, low tech tool which will help stop someone from walking as may sometimes occur to people missing in the forests. And being waterproof can come in very handy if the rain starts to fall.

Q: How To Make Use Of A Military Watch?

A: Just how folks use military watches is determined by the features that watch owns and the conditions under which it’s used. Someone advised to rendezvous with different members of a celebration at a specific place may use their army watch to verify their elevation and be certain they are on track.

Someone else can utilize their best work watches to alert them to incoming storms. While others might use their army watches to keep an eye on how long they have been around lookout or to period the comings and goings of enemy combatants.

Things To Search For When Purchasing Military Watches

All these are the things that you need to remember while hunting for a brand new military watch.


As we mentioned at the beginning of the review guide among those must-have properties of army watches is durability. Army fashion watches ought to be able to take more punishment than state area watches and accept that punishment within a long time without being considerably worse for wear. If it can not it is not truly strategic.


In case you can not find the surface of your watch at the dead of night it is not much good. That is the reason you will always need to be taking a look at military watches which self-illuminated (analogue) or possess powerful backlighting (electronic ).

Water immunity

Water immunity is just another feature that is really non-negotiable on army watches. If a person attempts to offer you a military watch that’s not water-resistant you need to politely decline and look at other, better army watches.

Power supply

Ideally, you would need to be considering army watches which are self-winding. However, so long as the watch you’ve got your eyes to provide adequate battery life and effortless recharge capacities then it is all great.

View confront

While in most respects it is only a matter of taste if you opt for a digital or analogue watch face for our cash we would prefer analogue more or less every single moment. It’s simple to find time with only a glimpse and sometimes that is all you’ve got time for.

Size and weight

Most army watches are fairly big, awkward affairs and honestly, they are intended to be. It is part of the charm but it’s also a part of the durability. Luckily, however, for people who prefer their army watches to have a more subdued profile you will find a good number which game slick, sophisticated designs while still keeping their ruggedness and dependability.

Other features to search for

Past the bare minimum of timer, clock, electronic alert and water resistance lie the features that place the men’s army watches aside from the boy. These features include a barometer, thermometer, altimeter, inclement weather alerts not to mention GPS and GLONASS, the GPS substitute.

It should go without saying that the more of those features you include the more costly your watch will probably be. And that is Particularly True of GPS/GLONASS, which can easily double the price of an already quite costly or see under $1000


Army watches are priceless apparel for soldiers, police officers, safety professionals, SWAT team members, climbers, rescue workers, EMTs and lots of more. They could literally make the difference between death and life in a range of scenarios where your survival can depend on the calibre of the weather, time and geographical information you have at your disposal.

Do not go out on patrol or in the mountains to save somebody without having the ideal kit in hand (particularly long range walkie talkies). That includes the Ideal military watch

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