Three Best Spywatches

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Playing a Charlie’s Angels or Johnny Utah from Point Break is now close to reality as you can feel like a real spy with spy watches. If your job requires you to go undercover and record sound and footage, a spy watch can be your best partner. You can now be discreet in your operations with style!

What should you consider in buying a spy watch? Number one would be the storage capacity. You would want to capture all necessary things uninterrupted, wouldn’t you? Another thing is the spy camera view and its resolution to record high-definition footage. Having considered these, we compiled the best spy watches you can select for your next important mission.

01. Mliyam Surveillance Camera

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With a high-resolution video quality, the Mliyam 1080P Small HD Camera will allow you to see even the smallest details that you are looking for. It can also record up to 70 minutes which is long enough for you to capture what you need and needs to be charged for only 1.5 hours so you can resume using it immediately.

It can also support a 32 GB memory card for higher storage capacity. If you have to record videos or capture pictures during the night, it features an Infrared Night Vision with no visible flashing red light. No one will suspect you are recording or spying on them as this watch looks like any regular watch with a sporty touch.

02. Miebul Camera Loop Video Recorder Watch

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For men who want to be like Daniel Craig in a James Bond film, the Miebul Camera Loop Video Recorder could be the greatest asset. This spy watch could pass off as a stylish men’s watch which will surely match your tuxedo. It features an impressive high-resolution camera-recording with a battery that can last for 90 minutes long.

Its 16 GB built-in SD is ideal storage capacity for most spy-watches because it can store up to 5 hours of videos. It can also support loop recording and overwrites existing files when the memory is full, so you can continue shooting for on-going activities automatically. With these features, it is one of the best affordable spy watches available in the market.

03. Mini Hidden Spy Camera

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If you want to have a more casual spy style, the Mini Hidden Spy Camera is the one for you! This spy watch is like a boy-next-door kind of watch with remarkable features for its price. It’s convenient to use as it only takes one plug to your ordinary USB port to download your recorded video. Also, it can store more than 5 hours of recording with its built-in 32 GB memory card and has batteries that can last up to 90 minutes of recording.

It can also record high-resolution videos at nighttime and in dark areas with its Auto IR Night Vision but without any flashing light that could attract suspicion. It also has high-caliber straps which will not cause you any irritation.