Top 13 Best Survival Watch 2020

Best Survival Watch

Whenever you’re in survival mode and emphasizing on everything you’ve got on you personally, the best survival watch is an excellent instrument to be sporting.

It helps you do not just tell time (obviously ) but also offer you a variety of crucial information. From using a compass to utilizing GPS and maps, and of course altimeters and temperature gauges when they’re readily available.

Top 13 Best Survival Watch 2020

Best Survival Watch

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1. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3000-1ACR

This Pro Trek Solar-Powered out of Casio manufacturer is one of the greatest survival watches. Besides how the brand is rather popular, this survival view is quite practical and user friendly.

Apparently, this view provides numerous features which are extremely beneficial for travellers and users. Together with the technology utilized and features are given previously, in addition, it features an electronic compass, world time, 1/10-second stopwatch, five daily alarms, and a countdown timer.

This is sometimes the very best survival view for you also, particularly if you’re searching for a battery which can last up to 7 months later charging it. However, ensure you don’t introduce it a lot in mild because it can tremendously influence the battery. Regardless, it’s still a solar-powered type, therefore a small sun wouldn’t hurt.

In terms of its durability, Epik Watch will say it is very durable and strong. And this is because of its 46-mm stainless steel centre and well-constructed bezel. Additionally, it’s water resistance for as much as 100 meters or 330 feet. In addition, the structure employs a resin-band that’s pretty much a variable to the overall durability of the survival view.

You’ll have this for a period that drops under $200. In addition, this one includes a whole 2-year guarantee.


  • It’s a fully-featured watch for survival
  • Very durable
  • The guarantee terms are Fantastic
  • Water resistance up to 100 meters


  • Casio’s repair centre Isn’t very available
  • The time requires updating every now and then
  • There’s an obvious issue with the time and date

2. Timex Men’s TW4B03500 Expedition Gallatin Black/Blue Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch

If the price is the biggest factor you consider prior to making a purchase, then the Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin could be the ideal survival watch for demanding conditions!

The substances used in its construction are primarily rugged resin along with double-layer nylon. As for me, Epik Watch finds this survival view very durable but not actually intended for heavy-duty functions.

And in terms of its physical appearance, Timex is supplying four variants of colours. Therefore, you’re free to select from the black, black, black, blue and black, and blue and green variations.

In terms of the features, the survival view mainly markets its own water-resistance software. Apparently, a lot of men and women who adore indulging in many bodies of waters use this particular watch. Additionally, it’s an analogue watch, therefore it can be quite accurate when it has to do with data and time provisions.

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But besides those features, there are no other sets of inclusions. And this is just fitting because the price tag is down under $100.


  • Fantastic for entry-level users
  • Very Affordable
  • Durable
  • It may fit a large wrist


  • It is missing some basic features
  • Its resistance to water is only appropriate up to 50 meters or 165 ft
  • Too simple for an advanced degree user

3. Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR G-Shock Casual Watch

Are you trying to find the ideal survival watch you could use daily? If you’re, then that Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR Mudmaster G-Shock Quartz Casual from Casio manufacturer may be the one you’re searching for.

Seemingly, this one is quite simple and easy to use. Additionally, the look is quite straightforward and casual allowing each user to utilize it on a daily basis.

If you want my opinion, this timepiece is quite durable! It comes with a shock-resistant attribute, a mud-resistant program, plus a water-resistant function that are applicable around 200 meters or 660 ft of thickness. Actually, the majority of professional sports athletes utilize this version even through their training sessions and contests.

Epik Watch has seen it a few times and I am quite impressed with the features and functionalities I managed to review. Besides the features I have listed previously, Casio G-Shock also provides lots of smart features that anybody could find quite beneficial and helpful.

These features include an electronic screen compass, hourly time signal, world time, button performance tone, and also the Japanese quartz movement. Additionally, the battery could last as many as two decades!

To get a price that falls under $200, you could already wind up with the ideal survival view of the day.


  • Fully-functional and all-inclusive
  • Simple to Use
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Extended battery life span
  • Very durable


  • Expensive
  • The guide schooling is Difficult to understand
  • It’s obvious problems with its own thermometer

4. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch – SS014279010

The Suunto Core Wrist is among the most expensive versions. The cost of the one falls under $350, that is fairly high in comparison to the majority of high-end forms. Nonetheless, you can get that which you may cover when you get this survival view.

Personally, I’m not fond of Suunto watches however I find this version really impressive. The opinion features alone are just those you will want when you start looking for the general embodiment of a survival view.

Besides the features listed above, you’ll also have to experience those features: altimeter, barometer, calendar clock, weather memory, sea-level pressure viewer, posture tracker, cardinal directions, log chart, directed calibration, GPS and multi-language translator. In the features independently, you are going to observe that this can be an all-inclusive watch.

In terms of durability, the survival view is largely created for heavy-duty functions. In reality, this version is promoted as a genuine outdoor accessory.

However, the greatest disadvantage of one is its own battery capacity. In accordance with the brand, it may last for 6 months, max. However, according to real customers, it may only last for 1 to 2 months.

But even so, it might still be the ideal survival view for you since the business has fixed these problems in the last few decades. Additionally, the battery replacements have been manufactured really reasonably priced.


  • A fully-functional exterior watch
  • Particular features like a barometer, altimeter, stress writer, GPS, etc..
  • It’s a 2-year guarantee
  • Sleek and elegant look
  • Easy to See


  • Expensive
  • It’s problems with the batteries
  • Bad customer support

5. Fanmis S-Shock Multi-Function Electronic Watch

If you’d like a survival watch which could definitely match your personality and look, then you might want to check Fanmis S-Shock Multi-Function Digital LED Quartz Watch.

Apparently, this features 8 backlight colours which range from white, black, white, and most of the way into the vivid colours of yellow, pink, and purple. Additionally, buyers are free to select from the colour variations of this centre. There are actually 6 distinct colours and I urge the one which comes in gold tones.

Besides its stylish look, the thing I enjoy about this one is its own performance considering the general cost of this bundle. You are able to obtain this survival watch for a cost that drops under $25! And due to this, you’re able to definitely consider this as a steal. What’s more, it utilizes dark stainless steel in its centre and construction.

The features you might encounter within this particular watch, apart from those listed above, comprise the shock resistance and water resistance function which are related around 50 meters or 164 feet.

But while it might lack those which are generally found in a mean outdoor view, the armed features in this are rather impressive since they’re fairly accurate. And considering that the pricing of this, it is possible to say it is cheap!


  • Very cheap
  • It’s a couple of basic features of an outside watch
  • Sleek and Trendy Look
  • Easy to see in the dark


  • It’s not a compass watch
  • Short battery life span
  • The dimensions are too Large

6. KXAITO Men’s Military Multifunction Waterproof Sports Watch

If you’re interested in finding an analogue-digital watch, then the Kxaito Men’s Military Analog Displays Multifunctional Sports Watch could be among the greatest survival watches for you.

Comparable to this Fanmis watches, the KXAITO versions are extremely inexpensive also. To get a cost that drops under $25, you may have a fairly good watch. Additionally, you’re free to select from the colour variations of this watch.

In terms of the features and performance, those you will be able to encounter on this watch are rather the fundamental kinds. However, although it lacks the features a watch has to have for survival, the armed functions within this watch are very accurate and functional.

Consequently, it’s reliable should you use it for outside. But if you’re trying to find a wristwatch which may support your survival abilities and demands, this might not be a fantastic pick for you.

But, it’s still created for providing enough stability. In reality, it’s also outfitted with waterproofing and shock-proofing software.

In terms of the battery, it may only last for months or annually. And this is one of the downsides of this KXAITO Men’s Military analogue and digital watch. Regardless, it’s still ideal to use outside.


  • Cheap
  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • It’s Lots of colour choices
  • Best for adventure fans
  • Waterproof


  • Short battery life span
  • The documentation has misleading Details
  • Not lasting

7. Timex Men’s T49949 Expedition Digital CAT Black Fast Wrap Watch

The Timex Men’s Expedition Classic Digital Chrono Alarm Timer Watch is the majority of the time that the go-to watch of each busy people now. Besides its affordability, it’s fundamental survival view features that anybody can use if travelling outside.

Besides the fundamental features that are recorded above, this one also includes a miniature compass in its own resin group. This function is mainly the reason I included it in this list. Thus, I find the miniature compass of the timepiece very precise and keeps you on the ideal path in your destination.

To get a cost that falls under $50, this is a fairly good thing. Additionally, the overall look of the watch is really casual and yet it’s sleek and elegant too.

Its electronic dial indicates the time big enough, which makes it effortless to read. Epik Watch do not really have sufficient knowledge concerning how Timex can do it within their watches. And therefore, I truly praise this watch because of its overall appearances.


  • It’s a miniature compass
  • Fantastic for fundamental outdoor uses
  • Cheap
  • Digits are Simple to read


  • Short battery life span
  • Not very durable
  • It’s promoted as a waterproof but it Can’t really hold any liquid

8. Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3500T-7CR Solar Tough Triple Sensor Watches

The Men’s Pro Trek PRW-3500T-7CR Solar Tough Triple Sensor Digital Sports Watch from Casio could be the very best choice of equipment for you in the event that you desire a survival watch which needs no battery in any way.

Apparently, this survival view is solar powered like the Casio G-Shock Rangeman series. Additionally, the solar panels which are outfitted inside this timepiece are extremely effective and dependable in consuming solar waves. Thus, you can definitely rely on this equipment, anytime and anyplace regarding its power.

In terms of the survival view features, this really is in fact among the most fully-functional types if you compare it to G-Shock Rangeman. Apart from those listed above, in addition, it features a world time teller, a mineral dial window, for everyday alarm styles, power-saving works, low-temperature immunity, and a powerful water immunity application that are applicable around 200 meters or 660 ft.


  • Very functional
  • Very durable
  • Stainless steel rotating bezel
  • It features a protection mechanism against power surges and triple detectors


  • Very Pricey
  • Bad customer support
  • The dimensions are too thick and spacious


The entirety of Casio’s G-SHOCK lineup is celebrated because of its extreme durability making pretty much some of them a good choice in relation to success. Epik Watch is especially fond of the one, but using its solar-powered motion, Triple Sensor array (thermometer, barometer, altimeter), and 200m water-resistance score.

Favoured by outdoorsmen, survivalists, law enforcement, as well as military employees, you can not go wrong with an ever-capable G-SHOCK least of this. And that is just made better by its worth.


Though some may expect this record to be controlled by electronic watches, as they are quite simple to load features, there are a few pretty large advantages to analogue alternatives also, like this, you will find lots with plenty of features, too. You see, the Citizen Promaster Altichron includes its very own built-in altimeter that is rated to quantify from 1,000 to 32,000 feet.

In addition to this, in addition, it boasts its headquarters and also has a date window for keeping track of long stretches of time. As though this was not enough, additionally, it has an Eco-Drive motion which could be charged with any light source so you do not need to think about swapping out the battery or plugging it into.


Suunto’s Traverse Alpha is not really a smartwatch, however, it is not far away, either. You see this electronic outside watch is packed full of some of the very comprehensively helpful tools for adventurers everywhere. In reality, it was really made to assist hunters using their escapades.

Therefore, it’s an onboard GPS that is compatible with both the Android and iOS smartphones, and automated breadcrumb mapping function to help you easily retrace your steps, and even offers an onboard location-based moon phase calendar.

It is, however, restricted by a rechargeable battery which may, at highest, operate for 14 days. Nonetheless, if you are careful with the way you use it, then there is no denying just how amazing it is as a survival tool.


Luminox is a brand which has built its reputation on creating some of the toughest watches on earth for its toughest people on the planet such as Navy SEALs and Iceland’s search-and-rescue teams. Therefore it should come as no surprise that their take on a survival view is top-tier.

Equipped with a dependable Swiss-made quartz movement, it comes at a Carbon reinforced PC case affixed into a rubber strap which includes its own integrated compass. Additionally, it has a window, a timer bezel, and many distinctively a tachymeter bezel designed specially to track your rate on-foot. As though this was not enough, it’s also waterproof to 200 meters.


Technically, the SureFire 2211 is not really a watch in any way. It is a wrist-mounted LED flashlight intended for strategic use. However, the new paired up with the mythical warriors at Luminox to equip it with its very own ultra-tough onboard timepiece finish with a rotating timer bezel, a Swiss quartz movement, a date window, and 24-hour markers.

The flashlight part of this survival view is created of mil-spec aluminium for additional durability and contains a trio of output levels which range from as low as 15 lumens for as many as 300 making this possibly the smartest choice for low-light scenarios.

Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider

Your survival view is going to be among the very useful tools which you could use in case you got lost in a forest or you’re in a survival scenario. Consequently, it’s only fitting that you select one that is going to work well for you to endure.

But because the variant of this type of army watches for men is very wide nowadays, it can find just a small challenging and potentially daunting for some. Additionally, remember there may be a lot of factors which will play at the spectacle as you opt for the most appropriate one for you.

Accordingly, I also have included in this review what that might change your general purchasing choices. And in the event that you truly wish to acquire the best among all of the fantastic survival watch versions of now, you are going to want to respect these variables.

1. Types

By and large, there are actually three types of greatest survival watches. And studying these kinds can allow you to understand and know how these work and function.

Navigation Watches

A navigation watch has become the most frequent kind of all. Any contemporary and fundamental survival view will possess navigational features in its general performance and constructed. However, a compass watch concentrates mainly on, navigation. Nevertheless, there are still other manufacturers that offer navigation kinds that could provide added features and functions.

Some of the usual features of a navigation watch include a thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. Additionally, you could observe features like date teller, moon phasing, sunset times, wave chart, time duration, and also a GMT index.

Consequently, if you’re picking a timepiece mostly to browse, you need to consider these features.

G-Shock Watches

As most of us know, G-Shock series is really a product line of Casio. And this variety is largely created for outdoor activities.

Therefore, what creates a Casio G-Shock series distinct from a different normal timepiece is that besides providing you true time, it provides further and effective features. Furthermore, they seem more rugged that can truly go side by side with your survival skills.

Therefore, you could say that it is somewhat like a standard navigation watch. However, it includes a whole lot more useful and valuable features.

Nowadays, a lot of men and women are considering this particular brand the best because of its flexibility and performance. Additionally, G-Shock watches have special looks, such as the G-Shock Rangeman products.

Survival Kit Watches

The survival kit watch can also be called the paracord watch. Apparently, the principal quality of this watch is that the addition of this parachute cord in its own resin-band. Basically, a paranoid is a really helpful tool for a variety of tasks. And this has come to be one of that general-purpose usefulness cable of the day.

Besides the cable, this type of survival view provides a mini survival kit. And this kit generally contains tools such as an analog compass, a whistle, and a fire starter. Accordingly, you might come across this one as very practical opinion.

It’s accurate but it’s also discovered a survival kit view has many drawbacks. And these drawbacks would be the situations which you wouldn’t want in a survival scenario. But even so, there are still several brands that provide this type of watch which has solved these apparent troubles.

2. Durability and Construction

One of the most vital aspects which you have to consider is the durability and high quality of the ideal survival watches. And in this particular variable, it would mostly incorporate the entire built and arrangement of it.

Remember that an outside watch is principally meant to assist you live in the wilderness. Accordingly, your preferred watch has to provide you with the best grade of materials and many lasting systems. For this particular region, you might want to test one which utilizes stainless steel in its centre.

Nevertheless, your survival view has to help you defy any injury along the way on your travels.

Besides the substances being used, you need to consider also the features that may improve the overall durability. As for me, I would incorporate the water-resistant and shock-resistant software of fantastic survival sequences in my considerations.


GPS can work with you to locate where you are. This is quite helpful if in case you got lost in the midst of nowhere and somewhere. So, the ideal survival watch for you is the one which will provide the most precise coordinates of where you are. You may locate more GPS watches at our triathlon GPS view inspection.


It has to have an excellent type of compass. When it’s a digital compass or not, it is essentially up to you. But even so, a compass is one of those essentials.


A thermometer can also be significant, particularly if you’re the type of traveller or the outdoor enthusiast that belongs to areas with intense temperatures. This can allow you to assess the temperature of your environment.

But it’s necessary that you notice that the thermometer is quite near your body once the wristwatch is worn out. So, this might impact the temperature evaluations in totality.


An altimeter is quite useful once you’re travelling in hills and large locations. And this is only because it measures your elevation in a sure location. And if you’re in a place where the elevation is required when locating your way back, then your preferred piece which features an altimeter is very beneficial.


The exact same is true for your own barometer. However, this mostly steps the things which impact the weather and wind. Consequently, it’s safe to state that whenever you’re travelling outside, a characteristic such as a barometer can really help.

Sunrise & Sunset Times

It’s quite normal for a survival view to have a sunrise and sunset time features. And this is very useful, particularly in the event that you travel to areas with higher elevation. Remember the sunset interval is a lot sooner if you’re in a significantly greater ground.

Accordingly, in case you understand the sunset intervals of the certain day, you’ll be able to protect against the shadow of the day in your trip.

4. Truth

When you get stuck in a situation in which you have to endure and continue long, surely, you’ll require a survival tool which could provide precise measurements and data. In cases like this, your preferred survival watch must have enough precision that can assist you in your trip.

Apparently, this particular character has to be applied to the majority of the features of this. These features largely incorporate the moment, GPS, Bridge, sunset and sunrise times, and also the tools for dimensions.

It’s thought by most experts and fans in the market an analogue screen provides a whole lot more precision (in comparison to electronic screen types) in relation to dimensions and place settings.

5. Battery Life

Another element which you need to consider if you’re trying to find a survival watch is your battery life. It’s necessary that you be aware that all the best features and functionalities of your choice would just operate if the battery remains charged.

Therefore, the watch could be quite useless and pointless for survival scenarios in the event the battery life is rather short. But while the lifetime of this battery is vital, there are really sets which don’t require batteries to get the job done. Usually, these will be the difficult solar-powered forms of mechanical or watches under 500.

6. Price

And the final component that I find quite much significant also, although not certainly at the least, is the total cost of this survival view.

Apparently, the array of prices and costs for survival watches is also rather wide also. And this is as there are brands now that offers a budget-friendly version. But even so, it’s always advisable for you to specify a budget before making a buy.

Moreover, remember that for this particular timepiece, the term -“you get what you pay for” largely applies. The majority of the time, expensive survival watches provide a great deal more efficient and productive features. But, it doesn’t necessarily signify the affordable survival watches can’t be considered.

Yes, it’s fairly catchy, especially that we’re referring to price and cash here. Thus, it’s actually wise you take these things seriously so to allow you to get the absolute most from your buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your questions concerning the ideal survival watch replied.

What’s the Ideal Survival Watch for Outdoorsmen?

The ideal survival watches for outdoorsmen once we speak about quality, features and the best value for money is your Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR G-Shock Watch.

G-Shock is well-known for its incredible durability and this watch is only one of their masterpieces. It’s completely operational as an exterior watch, has a very long battery lifetime, shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 660 ft.

Does G-Shock Watches Have a Compass?

G-Shock Watches has a compass but just on special versions. Presently, 8 G-Shock versions have a compass detector within them. All these will be the G-9300 Mudman, G-Shock GA-1000 Aviation Series, G-Shock GA-1100, Casio G-Shock Rangeman, etc..

Why is G-Shock Scratch Resistant?

G-Shocks are scratch resistant not due to the mineral crystal utilized to pay the flow, but due to the way the bezel was created. As you may have discovered, the bezel is marginally raised, which consequently, protects the glass substance by sustaining unintentional scratches from day-to-day usage.

The Best One Of All The Best

The 13 finest survival watches Epik Watch have included here are those that I find fantastic and fitting for anybody who’s trying to find a practical watch. However, the one that stands out from the rest is your Suunto-Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch.

And this is the ideal survival watch for your own requirements and wants. Primarily, the features that are outfitted in this outdoor timepiece are extremely accurate and on point. Additionally, these features are just what I might want in times of crisis and survival.

Second, it’s extremely durable and fits snugly in your wrist. The total structure and construct of the bit of artwork are largely created for heavy-duty purposes, that Epik Watch finds very appropriate to get a survival view.

And thirdly, it’s efficient guarantee terms together with the organization’s successful customer support. And these aspects are extremely vital to me since I’d desire a product and support Epik Watch can rely on after buying the product.

Even though the Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Survival Watch is rather costly, Epik Watch finds that the cost only fitting considering the total functionality of this watch.

Now, Epik Watch hopes that this review will assist you in your search. Additionally, remember you don’t really have to rush into making your purchasing decisions. But in the event that you truly should make a decision today, I strongly recommend that you continue exploring and inspecting every watch that’s on your listing.

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