Not everyone is a fan of the classic watch, or the luxury watch variants, but with all the modern technology we have these days, a highly functional watch is essential especially for people who have an active or busy lifestyle. Whatever kind of lifestyle you and your friends have, versatility and functionality will surely be a huge factor in choosing your daily gadget.

Hybrid watches are great for any type of outfit and occasion, whether it’s a chit chat with a friend, a business meeting, or an exciting activity day with your family. With the upsurge of hybrid watch products in the market, it may be overwhelming to check out each one you see online or in physical shops.

To help you with that dilemma, here are our best hybrid watch recommendations.

1. Garmin Vivomove 3


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Garmin Vivomove 3 displays simplicity and sophistication with its classic analog design but with advanced features such as a fitness and daily activity tracker. It lets you stay connected with its smart notifications when you get phone calls, messages, emails, and more. A single charge can last up to five days in smart mode and around two weeks in watch mode.

What makes it stand out from most hybrid watches in the market is its hidden touchscreen display that lights up whenever you interact with it or when you receive a notification. It’s certainly a delightful feature that preserves the look of a traditional watch but with a modern twist.

2. Withings Move ECG


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Withings Move ECG‘s seamless tracking is great for physical activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming, and many others. It can recognize more than 10 activities and allows you to monitor the calories you burn and the distance you cover for every activity you make. It also keeps track of your sleep for you to see if you’re getting the right amount of rest everyday. It also has a GPS mode that lets you navigate your way easily during runs.

Considering all it’s handy features, this hybrid watch acts as your personal coach to keep your body in tip top shape. The best part? You can get it at a way more affordable price than it expensive counterparts and still get the same features!

3. Fossil Hybrid HR


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as of June 28, 2023 10:04 am

With it’s always-on readout display, it’s easy to preview your calls and text and other notifications. HR stands for “heart rate” which means that this watch is equipped with a heart-rate sensor that tracks your physical movements and wellness activities. Fossil Hybrid HR is also designed with a rugged yet laid back look, with integrated mechanical hands and the other easily readable components.

On a single charge, this watch can last for up to 2 weeks and more. Pair this with your smartphone and easily get notified of any messages and notifications without having to check your phone manually. This watch is both style and function, and is definitely a must-have for any hybrid watch enthusiast.

4. Withings Steel HR Sport


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Another great hybrid watch from Withings is the Withings Steel HR Sport. This watch comes in a stylish form with its stainless-steel case and uniquely designed silicone wristband. Specially made for physical activities, it has the typical smartwatch features, but enhanced with a VO2 Max estimation that creates the user’s fitness level assessment and wide range of activity recognition as it recognizes 30 different sports!

It also has a built-in GPS feature that allows you to track the distance covered in every biking or running session, or plan ahead to see which path you should take next time. It also has a water resistance of 50 meters and can withstand drops of rain and brief immersions in water.

5. Fossil Commuter


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The Fossil Commuter looks like your typical everyday watch with it’s simple dial and leather wristband. You would not even think that it’s a hybrid watch! It may look like your average analog watch with minimalist features, but it can actually track your notifications and let you know if there are any by a gentle buzz.

One of it’s best features is that it does not require charging unlike other smartwatches, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. And what’s more, is it comes with a classic leather watch band with a rugged feel for a versatile look that complements both casual and formal outfits!

If you need more tips on what to look for in a hybrid watch or why you should get it, check out this guide by Fossil.