It is said that women have more options when it comes to fashion pieces than men. Women get more colors, sizes, a variety of designs, and even prices. But with watches, some believe that men have greater watch options than women. Regardless of that, it is important to note that men and women have different needs for a fashion accessory like watches. So here is our list of watch brands for women.


Rolex is a watch icon that is loved by many people, especially a-listers. It is a total package of style, durability, and technical precision. Rolex timepieces will stand the test of time as it can resist the harshest conditions and emerge still beautiful. A Rolex timepiece is very versatile, you could wear your Rolex to a formal event to a casual event.


When you think of luxury, the Chanel brand comes to mind. It is one of the iconic fashion brands that produce fashion wear, accessories, and even cosmetics. The timeless Chanel watches leans toward the feminine side although it is minimalist and may appear androgynous.


Cartier is famous for its Love bracelets and Panthère jewelry. It is also the French luxury home that is loved for its iconic timepieces. One of which is the 1917 Tank Watch modeled after a military tank that became an immediate classic piece. Cartier watches are known to be slender and light, stylish, and classy.


IWC Schaffhausen is one of the most well-known watch brands. This brand is all about attention to detail and careful craftsmanship. It has been producing timepieces for women and one of the luxurious pieces is the watch with Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Flower Of Life engraving on the back with 18-carat silver and gold variations.


Chopard is a new timepiece maker famous for its free-floating gems that are dazzling and superb. They offer a wide array of choices for women that speak elegance and royalty.


This Swiss watchmaker specializes in watches with a nautical touch. Breitling women’s Navitimer array has an exquisite detail around the outer surface, which gives it a compass-like feel.


If you are looking for a Swiss watch at a reasonable price Baume & Mercier is the brand for you. The brand started in 1830 and they have been producing classic and versatile pieces that you can wear from a business meeting, a night out, a date, or a casual stroll.

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