Top 40+ Best Watch Brands For Women 2020

Best Watch Brands For Women – Feminine Style

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It could look like men’s watches receive all of the attention, but women’s timepieces are only as striking and fashionable. Actually, sporting an elegant timepiece is the best way to elevate your everyday jewelry match.

With choices that range from a Gucci watch with a concealed face (the true face is discreetly disguised as a cat) to dazzling diamond stuffed layouts that are certain to create an impression, below are a few of the best women watch brands for women to store today.

Best Watch Brands For Women

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1. Rolex

Beloved by A-listers for years, Rolex creates a severe fashion announcement. The brand unites the technical precision and durability using the chic layout. Offered in many different finishes and metals such as Rolex’s patented Everose golden, that will not tarnish and dimensions, there is a Rolex to match any style.

These timepieces also have been through a few of the harshest conditions. Consider that the peak of Mt Everest and the depths of the sea; they are constructed to last. A Rolex is obviously the correct option; you could use it into brunch, a black-tie occasion, or even on the ski slopes.

2. Chanel

If it comes to luxury watches, you can’t go beyond Chanel. A number of these newest most iconic themes such as bouclé tweed cloth, camellia blossoms, and the white and black color palette proceed through in most watch ranges. While the timeless Chanel appearance is quite female, the newest also produces more minimalist and androgynous layouts. But you can be certain its cherished designers, Madame Coco herself and Karl Lagerfeld would approve of all of them!

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3. Cartier

While Cartier is possibly best known for its own Love bracelets and Panthère jewelry, the French luxury home has also produced many iconic timepieces. The odd rectangular Tank watch, released in 1917, became an immediate classic and was worn by generations of A-listers.

The Ballon Bleu and Panthère p Cartier fashions also have found their way on the wrist of a number of the planet’s most tasteful ladies. Slender and light, using advanced styling, a Cartier watch will give a touch of class to any ensemble. These timepieces perfectly match evening wear and may take the place of a barbell or bracelet for a black-tie occasion.

4. IWC Schaffhausen

It’s simple to see why IWC Schaffhausen is among the most well-known watch brands on earth. This prestigious producer is about attention to detail and has been producing timepieces for girls because of the 1870s. These days, the range caters to the women with its low case sizes because of its most well-known models, in addition to the jewelry-like Da Vinci collection.

These versions come in 18-carat silver and gold variations, with Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Flower Of Life example engraved on the back. This drawing represented the basis of beauty the ideal addition for any lady.

5. Chopard

Chopard watches glow with character and diamonds. The new timepieces are famous for their free-floating gems on the other side of the sapphire situation and therefore are truly dazzling. Having a wider array of watches for women compared to men, Chopard understands female elegance and does it better than many.

If you’re trying to find a watch to make you feel like a princess, then look no more. Make the most of your own Chopard watch and use it with a fitting choice of jewelry in the Swiss residence.

6. Breitling

Another example of superior Swiss watchmaking is Breitling. These specialized timepieces take their inspiration in the nautical heritage. The women’s Navitimer array has a slip rule mark around the outer surface, rendering it a map or compass-like feel. However, while those watches are practical and more about the other hand, in addition, they possess an elegance to believe improved gold detailing and luxury leather straps. If you lead a busy life or wind up borrowing your boyfriend’s opinion then a Breitling is the best selection for you.

7. Baume & Mercier

People who adore Swiss tradition watches at a reasonable price point will drop for Baume & Mercier instantly. The business dates back to 1830; nonetheless, its timepieces have a contemporary sense in addition to an awareness of heritage.

Classic and understated, Baume & Mercier designs often feature steel instances and silver-toned particulars. Roman numerals increase the business-like feel. All these are ideal casual watches that you may use from brunch into the boardroom. Decide on a bracelet group for days in the workplace, and change to leather for those weekends.

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8. Bell & Ross

French watch brand Bell & Ross are about watches that put functionality. Inspired by air travel, these timepieces look chic and sporty, channeling the Mod design of their’60s. White detailing, square faces, and screws that are visible are features you will find on a Bell & Ross timepiece.

Because of this, these would be the ideal watches for girls who lead a busy life and have a brand new, androgynous fashion. They’re also perfect if you do not obey the oversized appearance.

9. Blancpain

Blancpain’s Korean tradition dates back to 1735, and in 1930 introduced the first-ever automatic wristwatch for ladies. Now, these timepieces are a few of the very beautiful and one of a kind luxury models you’ll be able to wear. Unapologetically female, they comprise diamond-halo faces, the signature exemplified moon phase calendar, slim hands, mother-of-pearl dials, and increased gold instances.

There is a watch design dedicated to Valentine’s Day, motivated by Cupid. A Blancpain women’s watch is not attempting to emulate the men’s fashions but rather, make a daring and individual appearance. These timepieces aren’t best for the minimalists but instead matches those with an outrageous yet elegant style.

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10. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is the earliest producer of Swiss luxury watches. They’ve been producing women’s watches because of the 19th century. On the other hand, the layouts are far from old fashioned.

While taking on the watchmaking legacy, Vacheron Constantin timepieces are modern and contemporary, with a tasteful and understated texture. It’s the best watch if your design is lavish, tailored, and timeless.

11. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin’s emblem is your anchor, paying tribute to the new mysterious history. Its own timepieces are so precise they may be utilized to determine longitude while at sea. This feature has won the newest numerous awards on its over 150 decades of history and contains led to it being the official opinion of several navies. If you like to dive or sail and have an appreciation for advanced layout, Ulysse Nardin is your perfect Swiss watch for you.

12. Longines

When considering elegance, you ought to consider Longines. Though the men’s array is a bit heavier and much more sporty, women’s timepieces from that particular Swiss luxury brand are about elegance. Believe sleek, understated design with a lightweight texture.

The greatest example is the complex La Grande Classique. Stainless steel fulfills a pristine white face and Roman numeral hour markers, although the string necklace strap retains the appearance grounded and ready to wear daily. You’re never going to need to take off it.

13. Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a legacy watch brand and has been among the very first to supply a collection particularly for ladies. The Art Deco-inspired Reverso range has clean lines and tasteful styling. The Duetto design signifies your watch could be reversed to show a jewelry-inspired second eye encounter, taking you from day today. Since the moves are so modest, Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces are extremely comfortable and light to wear.

14. Piaget

Famous for their ultra-slim watches, Piaget is about classic elegance and relaxation. While the timeless Piaget appearance is minimalist made most famous from the Altiplano version that the brand has a far broader range for ladies. Pick from the diamond-encrusted curves of this Limelight Gala or the odd oval shape of this Possession collection.

15. Girard-Perregaux

This Geneva-based watchmaker has been set over 270 decades back but it has always been a pioneer. In each style, Girard-Perregaux watches combine history with contemporary sensibilities. There is a wide selection of layouts to match any woman’s design, from the clearly feminine lady’s Eye set to the minimalist 1966 model along with the’80s-design Laureato. Whatever style you choose, a Girard-Perregaux timepiece is as just engineered because it’s filled with personality.

16. Montblanc

Leading luxury brand Montblanc reflects the very best of European design. It strikes a balance between tradition and modernity, mixing precision tech with sporty information. Montblanc’s watch array consists of automatic, smartwatch, automatic, and quartz versions, so there is a version for each design. The collections also vary in the classics such as the’60s-design Bohème into the futuristic Timewalker.

17. Hublot

While Hublot is a Swiss watch manufacturer, it’s Italian tradition: its creator, Carlo Crocco, has been Italian. Because of this, its watches have a more sporty and lively feel, and daring designs untied into the conventional style. Connected with engine racing, a lot of Hublot’s very well-known versions such as the Big Bang array take inspiration from automobiles and machines.

Gear-like components and screws that are visible, in addition to brushed steel completing, provide these timepieces a design unlike any other. Hublot is your option if you like Formula 1 and also need a luxury watch that will keep you up.

18. Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix watches unite Swiss heritage using a creative, modern feel. The brand’s mill in Saignelegier, Switzerland, makes every piece into the greatest standards. While girls can wear most of Maurice Lacroix watches, the petite, feminine styling of this Fiaba and Eliros lines stick out. Subtle diamond detailing and sleek curves create these watches a stunning addition to your timepiece collection.

19. Frédérique Constant

Frédérique Constant was set in 1988 and has become one of Switzerland’s biggest watchmakers. Emphasizing cheap luxury, the manufacturer has a conventional Swiss texture that will provide you the exact same appearance as far more costly brands. For those desiring an elegant update, the signature versions additionally come adorned with diamonds to get a few excess sparkles.

20. Boucheron

Boucheron started as one of Paris’ most famous and lavish jewelry homes. By the time it was set in 1858 up till 1994, the Boucheron family possessed it. The customs of this home invention, creativity, and craftsmanship are still living now and shown by its complex and eye-catching timepieces.

21. Chaumet

As one of the very high-end jewelers in Paris, Chaumet is the height of luxury. Having produced watches for at least 200 decades of its foundation, the house of Chaumet unites its own French sensibilities with Swiss quality to make wearable works of art. If you’re buying a Chaumet timepiece, the perfect option is a version out of their jewelry-inspired ranges.

22. Zenith

Who will withstand Zenith’s old-school elegance matches bizarre attitude? These elite Swiss watches are all about the course and possess an undeniably, classy feel. But they also have a character as exhibited from the Star Open collection, which reminds the wearer of Alice In Wonderland.

Ultra-thin instances and velvet-finish dials are merely a few of the components which make these timepieces the ideal addition to every woman’s collection. With straps in the leather and stainless steel, then you can accommodate your watch for both business or pleasure.

23. Breguet

Breguet has quite a distinguished history, together with the line’s creator, Abraham-Louis Breguet, being a renowned watchmaker from the French royal court 350 decades back. His designs were preferred by Queen Marie-Antoinette, in addition to Napoleon, some decades afterward.

Obviously, Breguet watches take a feeling of luxury worthy of royalty. The women’s set comes with an unforgettable fashion, which ranges from charmingly bizarre and unusual to contemporary and sporty. A number of the most expensive watches sold are Breguet, thus a timepiece of the caliber at a long-term investment that you may pass to the second generation.

24. Corum

Swiss watchmaker Corum is famous for its limited-edition and avant-garde layouts. Most famous are its own coin’ watches, created in the 20’Double Eagle’ or $10’Liberty’ gold coins of the USA. The Corum Golden Bridge layout is also exceptional from the opinion world, seeming to demonstrate that the linear inner motion floating’ within the transparent sapphire case. For people who desire a timepiece unlike any other and also possess a daring sense of design to fit Corum is your one.

25. Bulgari

If you like Italian luxury, you understand Bulgari. The house is famed for its lavish jewelry, sensual aromas, and stunning leather products, in addition to its own watches. Sexy and sophisticated, Bulgari timepieces are famous for their twisting straps which wrap around your wrist just like a snake.

The concluding is evenly luxe, with substances like 18-carat increased gold, mother of pearl, and brilliant-cut diamonds around the watch. If you utilize a Bulgari timepiece, then you’re residing la Dolce vita. Over watches, all these are high fashion accessories that are guaranteed to turn heads on the next trip to Rome.

26. Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer watches bring together high-performance with all glamour. They’re elegant symbols of accuracy and dependability. The engine racing history of this brand is evident from the Carrera scope, which former CEO Jack Heuer named following a high-speed race held in Mexico.

The timepieces are constructed to last in addition to command attention and perfect for people who have a daring attitude to pull off them.

27. Carl F Bucherer

Among those lower-profile Swiss watchmakers, Carl F Bucherer is not as outstanding. These timepieces are motivated by the gorgeous, cosmopolitan city Lucerne, in which the business was established. Unspoiled beauty, daring personality, and also a romantic, baroque feeling interpret into chains of understated luxury.

Still, family-owned over 130 years after it had been set up, Carl F Bucherer watches provide a piece of heritage in addition to technical excellence and first-class design. These are really sophisticated timepieces for girls who love quality and also will let their view talk for themselves.

28. Rado

Rado is famous for its revolutionary design and unusual substances, which unite to make standout watches. Launched in Switzerland, the new motto is’if we could envision it, we can create it’. Therefore, in the event that you would like to have an advanced watch that can go anywhere with you, there is a version for you in their own collection.

29. Gucci

Gucci is known for its legendary accessories, and also the manufacturer’s watches flaunt its hottest layouts. The bee mascot, red and green stripes, and double-sided emblem are seen on these timepieces. Unusual chunky eyeglasses and gem-studded bands lift them into a bold fashion accessory as opposed to a simple timepiece.

If you are a lover of this minimalist aesthetic of the Italian style house, you can not go beyond one of the eye-catching watches to coincide with the rest of your wardrobe.

30. Movado

Minimalists will adore Movado. This American watch brand is famed because of its ultra-sleek, stripped-back layouts, and rounded faces. The all-black variations of its popular versions have an undeniably refreshing appearance. Together with an equally black strap, these watches are created to stand out ardently. Its women’s array is a bit thinner and smaller compared to the men’s lineup but shares the exact same chic vibe.

31. Tissot

Tissot was set back in 1853. Consequently, they’ve over 150 decades of expertise producing high-quality timepieces. These are practical, reliable, and technologically innovative watches that you could wear daily. If you’re trying to find a company watch and possess an understated but traditional fashion, this is a superb option.

32. Raymond Weil

This independent watch organization is still family-owned and, consequently, remains true to the ethos of its creator. Inspired by songs, these timepieces have a lyrical sense to the layout that has many striking specifics. Among the most well-known women’s watches would be your Freelancer Ladies.

Its stainless steel case and bracelet make it ideal for people who lead an energetic and active life. Additionally, it comes in three dimensions so it will fit any wrist size. For special events, choose the diamond detail variant.

33. Hamilton

Hamilton’s motto is American soul, Korean precision’ which carries through for their watch layouts. A Hamilton timepiece is top quality and practical but is not scared to be noticed.

There is something for Everybody from the Hamilton range, in the ease and’60s texture of this Intra-Matic range to the complex and ultra-feminine Lady Hamilton Vintage. Whether you need a watch that resembles a bracelet or an understated bit to elevate your officewear, then Hamilton is the brand for you.

34. Fendi

Italian fashion house Fendi is about mindset, and its watches are no exception. The iconic and daring’F’ logo features prominently on the surface of a number of these timepieces, and a few can even be personalized with a fluffy fur collar!

To get a more luxe signature, the Ishine assortment includes the gemstone hour mark. Additionally, there is a huge array of straps to go with all these daring accessories. Fendi watches include a small curved face so that they work well for girls with smaller wrists.

35. Versace

Quality Italian design combined with a hot attitude that is the Versace appearance. Unashamedly daring, these timepieces feature classic Versace motifs such as the Medusa emblem, gold leaves and blossoms, and animal prints. If you adore the Versace design, you will adore these watches. The ideal companion to streetwear plus also a night-out appearance, this is the sort of watch that wishes to be the middle of focus.

36. Vivienne Westwood

British designer Vivienne Westwood is famous for her eccentric fashion, luxury fabrics, and bold designs. Those features proceed to watches out of her brand. You may expect to view patterned and textured faces, charms, gold plating, and imperial symbols on such timepieces. They also have a trendy British sense to them.

37. Emporio Armani

Emporio is the contemporary, trend-focused branch of this Armani family. It carries the signature designs of Giorgio Armani himself but using a less expensive price-point. Emporio Armani watches unite Italian elegance as well as the fashion house’s well-known minimalism. You may love their ease and refinement. Understated and posh, the watches operate nicely with any style and for almost any age also. The gold versions are popular with girls all around the world.

38. Michael Kors

A number of people might remember our very first designer watch from the mid-2000s; the gold Michael Kors timepiece had simple cool. Today, the brand is as on-trend since it had been then. The touch round face, thicker string bracelet, and the metallic end are still there, however, the contemporary layouts are smoother, thinner, and has a more delicate texture.

39. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is all about sporty attitude and all-American flair. For all those reasons, it has been considered one of the main designer women watch brands in us. Even though the Tommy aesthetic is athletic and streetwise, their watches are both refreshing. From apparel watches to regular models, a Tommy watch is a trendy addition to your appearance. Wear lace and whatever red, blue and white.

40. Armani Exchange

Launched in new york back in 1991, Armani Exchange is your trendy, more reachable Armani road manufacturer. It unites designer Giorgio Armani’s signature Italian chic with a young, fresh texture. Armani Exchange watches come in an equally traditional smartwatch, and hybrid types so you can find the best of both worlds. The scope also incorporates a vast array of styles, so in the event that you want an elegant, minimal, or much more daring and graphic appearance, there is a gorgeous watch for you.

Watches for Girls Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a new watch may be confusing and confusing if you are not certain what you’re searching for. There are many distinct varieties of watches to choose from, ranging from styles and prices. Whether you’re searching for a women’s watch for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, there are a couple of items to look for when picking the right one.

Watch Movement

The way the opinion tells time is equally as important as how it seems. There are 3 distinct forms of motion, each with their own benefits: quartz, mechanical, and automatic.

Mechanical Movement

Mechanical movements existed for ages. It operates by twisting a spring on the face of the watch available. The interior of the watch has to be carefully constructed and designed for these forms of watches to operate correctly. You will want to remember to end this particular watch, so in the event that you forget, it is only going to quit working for you. 1 thing to keep in mind with mechanical movement watches is they’re not completely accurate. They could lose or gain around ten seconds every day.

Quartz Movement

Quartz movement has become the most typical for women’s wristwatches. It operates by utilizing a very small quantity of quartz at the watch which vibrates when the power in the battery rolls it. You will want to replace the battery in granite watches each year approximately.

Quartz is much more reliable than mechanical to keep period correctly. They are also less expensive and need less upkeep. Some watchmakers promote quartz watches like Swizz quartz, however, there is no gap between them both.

Automatic Watch Movement

Nowhere near as ordinary as quartz or mechanical movement are watches which are self-winding. They work when you are transferring your arm. They typically will need to be reset each month or 2. The same as a mechanical watch, automatic watches may lose or gain a couple of moments. If you are going to purchase one of these watches, you may wish to consider buying a watch winder which pops the lookout for you.

Picking a Strap or Bracelet

As soon as you’ve decided on what motion you need at a watch, you will want to decide on which kind of strap you desire. There are 3 different types of straps, straps, and nylon.

Leather Straps

Leather looks tasteful and fashionable. You will have the ability to detect leather straps in many different designs and colors. The leather frequently matches the dial of this eye, complementing it with a similar color tone. Traditional black watches adorned with silver and gold are always in fashion, even for ladies. And black goes with everything, regardless of what you are wearing.

There are two distinct sorts of straps that the normal pin buckle along with the butterfly clasp that snaps open and shut.

Watch Bracelets

Bracelets are somewhat more classic and formal. You will discover that you can turn a wristwatch to a wonderful piece of jewelry. The bracelet is made from metal links which are glued together. The watch case and the bracelet are usually manufactured from identical metal. The wonderful thing about bracelets is that you could resize the watch on your wrist, which makes the bracelet larger or smaller as required.

Nylon Straps

Sports watches typically have a nylon rubber or rubberized, strap so they’re strong enough to resist outside pursuits. Many women’s watches possess the flexibility of a nylon and leather strap. They include equally and can be easily changed out. This gives you more performance using a watch, as soon as you’re able to use it for proper wear and also for when you are in the gym.

The Watch Crystal

The item that fits across the surface of the watch to protect it’s referred to as the watch crystal. It can be reached from many different substances, such as glass or plastic, in addition to a faux opaque sapphire.

Acrylic Crystal

Cheaper watches are going to have an acrylic crystal that is lightweight. Sports watches frequently utilize acrylic because the substance does not shatter or crack on impact. The 1 drawback to oil is that it is easily scratched.

Mineral Glass Crystal

If you’re trying to find a scratch-resistant opinion, mineral glass is a fantastic selection. The glass was treated with chemicals and heat to ensure it is strong and durable.

Sapphire Crystal

For those who have to invest in a watch, select one with a sapphire crystal. Sapphire is a synthetic substance and may only be scraped with a different diamond, and that’s the reason why manufacturers that create top quality watches pick it to get the eye face.

Decide on a Watch You Enjoy

Deciding a wristwatch is a really personal choice. Choose whether you are going to use the watch for performance or for fashion…or for the two. Stainless steel and leather straps are fantastic for a timeless appearance and are easy to take care of. While bracelets may add just a tiny pizzazz your own outfit. A round watches face, rectangular, or oval it all comes down to personal preference!


Whether you’re searching for a women’s watch for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, you will find all those distinct sorts to select from. You will have difficulty selecting one, unless that you understand specifically what you’re searching for. Digital or analog? Boboli,o it creates a statement? Or elegant and elegant?

Decisions are based on the budgets well. You are able to invest plenty of cash on a wristwatch that’s backed by actors. Or you may purchase a timeless watch inside your budget. You do not have to devote a good deal of cash to obtain a timepiece that fits with your personality and lifestyle.

When you understand what kinds of watches are available on the market now you will have a simpler time deciding. Epik Watch has assisted out you there. Our listing of the Top 40 Best Watches for women reviews a vast array of watches, out of individuals who simply tell tithe timely how to people who behave as your physical fitness buddy. There is a watch on the listing for you or for that special individual.