Top 15+ Best Travel Watch In 2020

Best Travel Watch

If there’s ever a time to have a trusted watch, it is when travelling. A fantastic digital watch for men with large print may save your butt again and again. Journeys of all types rely upon being in the ideal place at the ideal time to grab a flight, match with a manual, maintain that restaurant reservation, or move into a hotel.

Though other pieces of equipment, such as smartphones, have usurped the function of the lookout for all in regular life, together with changes in time zone and also efforts to escape from the constant demands of working life, there is no single thing more useful to the contemporary traveller than a fantastic watch.

In any case, in certain areas, you wish to decrease how often you’re pulling your mobile phone. A digital watch for men with large print is able to keep your smartphone from becoming snatched in urban areas, in which it is all too prevalent.

Here Epik Watch provide you with what we think are the best travel watch to help keep you online!

Best Travel Watch

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1. The Nomatic

It requires a while doing to be hailed as our general finest digital watch for men with large print, however, Nomatic has handled it! How so? The Nomatic’s mix of classic elegance and easy minimalist layout makes their view a hands-down winner. Their digital watch for men with large print, the same as the Nomatic travel tote, is very adaptable; it may be used whether you are travelling for pleasure or work, and if roughing it or at the highest-end hotels without even appearing out of place.

There are now three distinct faces to select between to demonstrate a bit of your character: black, silver-white black or black on white; and also the extra choice of tan or black leather strap. The Swiss-made motion makes it longer than dependable, when its water-resistant to 30 meters, has a convenient day/date screen, and a lifetime guarantee too boot!


  • Fantastic Appearance
  • Versatile
  • Swiss-made motion
  • Water-resistant


  • Presently only one entire style
  • Analogue
  • No alarm
  • Intended for guys

Is your Nomatic for me personally?

If you are following a pared-back but elegant digital watch for men with large print that you know you can depend on while on the transfer that the Nomatic is the best selection for you. Having a design that looks fantastic in almost any circumstance, the excellent leather strap and Swiss-made motion are certain to imply this view will last and last.

2. Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

Sitting at the other end of this spectrum of travelling watches into the Nomatic is Casio’s G-Shock Gravity Master, a severe digital watch for men with large print for serious travellers. Why is it so wonderful? First off, the microchips and internal workings of this G-Shock Gravity Master are encased in a single body which protects against sudden shocks like falling or knocking centrifugal forces, and vibration.

Then there is the fact this view is water-resistant to 200 meters, significance day scuba diving is a choice for this watch. At length, techies, particularly, will love the simple fact that the G-Shock Gravity Master will automatically synchronize for an own time zone once you hit a destination with a combination of GPS and radio waves. How cool is that!


  • Protective body
  • Water-resistant to 200 m
  • Automated synchronization to time zone
  • Calendar


  • Somewhat bulky for a few
  • Analogue-digital screen
  • Imported from the US for UK clients
  • 52 Millimetre diameter

Is your Casio G-Shock Gravity Master for me personally?

If you are a frequent traveller or you merely struggle with exercising time zones once you’re doing, the Casio G-Shock Gravity Master is certainly the digital watch for men with large print for you!

Not only does this utilize GPS technology to make sure it is always synchronized to the proper time (even due to daylight saving period!), its tough protective body and a remarkable amount of water resistance imply you will never find yourself without a working watch when away.

3. Timex Women’s Ironman Transit

The Women’s Ironman Transit from Timex provides a great mix of performance and style. The comparatively large digital screen makes it super simple to confirm the time whilst moving, whether you are on a busy underground train or scaling a hill onto a rope tap.

The resin instance means it’s going to resist rips, while the ring is durable and easily washed. The clock itself has the choice of 2 different time zones, so that you may keep a very clear idea of time in your home, along with a customizable alert, which is almost always a helpful attribute whilst travelling. What is more, it is also water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters! What more could you desire?


  • Durable on-the-go
  • Follows two time zones
  • Alarm
  • Water-resistant


  • Resin strap
  • Simple buckle closure
  • No Automated synchronization of time zones
  • Digital screen

Is your Timex Women’s Ironman Transit for me personally?

The solution is unquestionable yes! Its trendy modern design of sleek lines and wrought iron surely means it looks the part, although the capability to trace two time zones, the alarm, and down water resistance to 100 m also means it behaves the part! It might not have any of those bells and whistles of additional travelling watches on our listing, but we love it!

4. Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor Watch

Just scrapping below the $500/390 mark during its full recommended retail price, the Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor Watch provides the broadest array of features to get a digital watch for men with large print under $500. Tested to military criteria by the firm, this view has suffered freeze-thawing, submersion, dust, sand, along with 14 other evaluations and emerge the other side unscathed due to its outstanding build quality.

Army tier GLONASS GPS technology signifies your place is pinpointed in a few meters, with monitoring, path, and POI navigation available in real-time. You will never be lost again! If this was not enough, this view also boasts sunset and sunrise warnings, stress information, along with the capability to talk about your experiences on the internet, whether you are searching at the depths of the forests, or sitting snugly into a town centre café.


  • Tested to military criteria
  • GPS monitoring and pathfinding
  • Real-time weather Info
  • Internet connectivity


  • Requires USB charging
  • Nylon strap
  • Digital screen
  • Not touchscreen

Is your Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor Watch for me personally?

You do not need to become a hardened experience to see the advantages of this Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor Watch by Suunto. If you have ever lost in a foreign city you will really love the real-time GPS monitoring and pathfinding functions, while its internet connectivity will guarantee you can remain in touch with family and friends while away also!

5. CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch

Epik Watch believe that the CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch is merely a deal for what it’s! Deep inside the interior workings, you will find (if you’re to seem ), a motion by Western watchmakers Citizen, along with a battery intended to last three decades.

On the exterior, you get a big, easy to read, digital display with backlight for night jaunts. There is not just a daily alarm to get you up on time, but also a date alert so that you won’t miss your trip home. Just elegant in dark, you won’t have any problem fitting this to your appearance, though a 12-month warranty provides peace of mind!


  • Good cost
  • Trustworthy inner workings
  • Large digital display
  • Daily and date alerts


  • Just water-resistant to 50 m
  • Not good for slim wrists
  • Plastic dial window
  • No next time zone work

Is your CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch for me personally?

You do not need to worry about counting the pennies to believe that the CIVO Men’s Digital Sports Watch is a superb buy for what it provides. To get an amazing price, you receive a trusted automatic Japanese created motion, and an easy to read digital screen alongside two alarm functions along with a great appearance. Brilliant!

6. Tissot Seastar 1000

Although geared toward the diving market, the Swiss-engineered Tissot Seastar 1000 is equally as practical as an overall analogue digital watch for men with large print. The massive face makes it effortless to browse the luminous dials in the low light of a plane cabin or even a candle-lit restaurant while keeping enough fashion to make certain you won’t feel ashamed at sporting it at more formal events.

The challenging body will keep it safe from knocks, while the resin strap is comfortable and easy to keep clean. As you may anticipate, the Seastar 1000 also offers an impressive amount of water resistance also secures down to 300 m!


  • Large face
  • Luminous hands
  • Stylish
  • Water-resistant to 300 m


  • Analogue
  • No alarm
  • Lacks GPS features
  • Not as hard as the Casio G-Shock Gravity Master

Is your Tissot Seastar 1000 for me personally?

Having been creating watches for at least one and a half centuries, Tissot is obviously doing something right! Their Seastar 1000 is no exception, for this analogue digital watch for men with large print bringing a little class to the proceedings. However, more than simply having a face (very literally) its also practical thanks to glowing hands and water resistance to 300 m.

7. KDM Multifunctional Sports and Military Watch

In the ideal analogue digital watch for men with large print into the best women’s digital watch of the reckoning for this variety from KDM. It may be argued if the best women’s digital watch ought to be as straightforward as possible or as characteristic hefty as possible Epik Watch has sided with easy.

But simplicity does not mean that you’re laying aside reliability that the KDM is based around a Japanese-made motion and battery life for a precision time. The time/date screen, auto calendar, alarm, and backlight are matched well by the true leather strap, and protected by the stainless steel case and German-made high hardness mineral glass!


  • Japanese movement
  • Alarm
  • Leather strap
  • Protective body


  • Lacks features of additional electronic watches we have covered
  • Not Acceptable for submersion
  • No analogue dial
  • Some clients cite build difficulties

Is your KDM Multifunctional Sports and Military Watch for me personally?

If you are following a digital watch that could let you know precisely where you’re in any given moment and the weather is very likely to be in another few hours, then we would suggest the Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor Watch, but if you’re searching for a simple digital screen with which to inform the moment, this KDM watch will probably be ideal for you!

8. Samsung Galaxy Watch

It is a simple fact of life that technology has encroached to the world of trekking as far as some other activities and sports, and while some paper map and bodily compass is always a fantastic idea, a great deal of the tough work of course finding can be made easy with a watch like this Samsung Galaxy offer.

In addition to keeping you connected with messages and calls right to your wrist to keep you hands-free, the Samsung Galaxy also mechanically (yes, mechanically ) finds motion and action and tracks it to you. This view also offers in-built GPS, which means it is possible to follow pre-planned paths or find a brief cut house on the transfer effortlessly!


  • Lets You Keep connected hands-free
  • Automatically detects and tracks action
  • In-built GPS
  • 4-day battery life


  • Requires routine charging
  • Water-resistant to just 50 m
  • Resin strap
  • Weighs 300 gram

Is your Samsung Galaxy Watch for me personally?

If you are an Apple enthusiast, look away now…While a wise watch might not be the clear selection for hikers, the Samsung Galaxy Watch does actually make a nice digital watch for men with large print for walkers. Why? Since you may remain connected, have your action monitored without even needing to touch a display, and possess the security and security of GPS route-finding too!

9. Fitbit Charge two

Industry leaders are market leaders for a reason, and also the Charge 2 by Fitbit stays to our thoughts the most effective smartwatch for staying healthy while travelling. The smooth lines of this Charge two-track your heartbeat in the wrist meaning no unwieldy torso strap for starters.

Its all-day activity monitoring measures space, steps, and calories one of other metrics, and also will let you manoeuvre if you have stayed still for longer intervals. Finally, using its GPS connectivity, then you can observe real-time stats along with your existing location and path!


  • Stylish Appearance
  • Measures heart rate without a chest strap
  • All-day metric dimension
  • GPS connectivity


  • Requires routine charging (each 4days)
  • Extra accessories cost additional
  • Touch screen scratches very easily
  • Two-year guarantee

Is your Fitbit Charge two for me?

Staying healthy while travelling used to be hard to track, what with all the change in regular (and the additional calories which definitely include various kinds of travelling!). Afterwards, the Fitbit Charge 2 came together, with the chance to capture metrics from heart rate to measures taken without difficulty, along with the brilliant performance of GPS connectivity.

10. Garmin Fenix Chronos

You have got to appreciate GPS, do not you? Endlessly helpful in your house city and overseas, it surely spared us out of all manner of possible advantages! The Garmin Fenix Chronos is a masterly GPS-enabled digital watch for men with large print, using a monitoring log for pinpoint precision and its own’TracBack’ feature which helps users return the exact same way you have come.

However, in addition to GPS performance, the Fenix Chronos includes ABC (or elevation, barometer, and compass) works, and will record and track your activity levels, whatever game or activity you are undertaking. All this, smart telephone connectivity, and battery life up to eight times make this the very best digital watch for men with large print with GPS for us!


  • TracBack GPS attribute
  • Altitude, Barometer, and compass readings
  • Activity monitor
  • 8-day battery life


  • Leather strap
  • Water resistance to only 100 m
  • Has a conventional look some users might not enjoy
  • Requires USB charging

Is your Garmin Fenix Chronos for me personally?

If you are regularly travelling, searching for the absolute best of travelling watches with GPS, Epik Watch believe you have probably found it using all the Garmin Fenix Chronos! The’TracBack’ feature will probably be really helpful for most, while more experienced experiences will adore the ABC performance also!

11. Shinola Runwell

Detroit’s Shinola includes a growing legion of fans on either side of the Atlantic, and travellers new and old will make certain to fall to the Runwell too. This analogue watch comes with a traditional appearance, complete with a genuine leather strap, while making sure a huge face to guarantee the clock face is easy to read all the mild amounts.

The sapphire crystal is scratch resistance, which is always perfect when travelling, and the watch is also water-resistant to 50 m over heavy enough for a swim at the resort pool!


  • Beautifully styled traditional Appearance
  • Leather strap
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance to 50 m


  • Imported from the United States for UK clients
  • Luminous hands but no backlight
  • Not for funding travellers
  • No GPS performance

Is your Shinola Runwell for me personally?

The style-conscious traveller will be quite pleased to be seen sporting the Shinola Runwell, as a consequence of its incredible appearances and crystal-clear analogue screen. However, this watch is not the only style over substance, together with durability constructed in using all the leather strap, scratch resistance, and water resistance. If you’re searching for a conventional and dependable watch, the Shinola Runwell is a superb alternative!

12. Seiko Divers Automatic

The Seiko Divers Automatic watch includes a stainless steel bracelet style strap which slips over the hand to shut. The 21 stone used in its own analogue movement guarantee precision, and though this can be an automated motion — instead of the usual battery-powered one it’s a power reserve of 40 hours, which means that you can neglect to use it for a whole day without needing to guide wind the watch to restart it. The face comprises a very practical day and date window, so that will certainly remain clear as a consequence of the scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal. The fact it is a diver’s opinion also signifies that it boasts water resistance to a depth of 200 m.


  • 21 jewel movement
  • 40-hour power book
  • Scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal glass
  • Water-resistant to 200 m


  • Automatic movement
  • Metal bracelet style strap
  • No GPS performance
  • Intended as a men’s opinion

Is your Seiko Divers Automatic for me personally?

If you are a seasoned diver you will be probably searching to get a more complex divers view than that provided from the Seiko Divers Automatic. But for mere mortals, this view reaches the ideal balance between regular viability and speciality. Accurate and hard, we can not observe the Seiko Divers Automatic down you!

13. Timex Expedition Scout

The Timex Expedition Scout provides an analogue encounter with twelve- and – twenty-four-hour time configurations, and precision you know that you can trust. This rugged exterior watch is protected with a durable body that’s certain to be water-resistant to a thickness of 50 m and also contains the additional feature of a’Indiglo’ light-up view face.

There is also a fast date window around the face so you will never shed track of the date or time, while the timeless yet modern look might need to inspect the time a lot more than is really required!


  • 12 along with 24-hour dial configurations
  • Accurate
  • Water-resistant to 50 m
  • Indiglo light-up dial


  • Analogue watch
  • No alarm
  • Lacks different time zone configurations
  • Date but no afternoon window face

Is your Timex Expedition Scout for me personally?

Forget these tempting additional features of different watches in our review, the Expedition Scout is a great’strong’ watch which can see you while constantly looking new and up to the moment as a result of its timeless looks.

14. Suunto Core

The brother of this Suunto Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor, you could consider that the Core the more fundamental (and also more economical ) of the 2 watches, but that is not to mention the Core isn’t a wonderful digital watch for men with a large print in and of itself.

Although it clearly does not match all of the Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor’s amazing functions like being military standard this unisex watch nonetheless has a lot of flash features of its own! Its barometric altitude dimensions, thickness gauge weather warnings make it a perfect companion at the Alps if you are trekking, snowshoeing, or skiing, where it’s hard enough to perform the job as a result of a metallic casing.

Comprising aluminium, it retains the watch mild, while it’s a battery life up to a year, which means that you have very little stress over when it is likely to require its following charge!


  • Dedicated mountain view
  • Quicker than the Traverse Alpha GPS Outdoor
  • Thorough elevation and thickness measurements
  • Lightweight


  • Water-resistant to only 30 m
  • No GPS monitoring
  • Too big for a few wrists
  • No distinct time zone configurations

Is your Suunto Core for me personally?

Avid skiers and mountaineers will be the target market for your Suunto Core, and they’re definitely the group of individuals likely to have the maximum benefit from sporting the Core due to its barometric information, elevation graphics and thickness gauge. The rest of us will just have to make do with using a fairly cool opinion on our wrists!

15. North Face Dive and Sports Watch

North Edge brings us this digital watch for men with large print that’s water-resistant to a depth of 100 m, which means that you can have a look at its analogue-digital face virtually everywhere you choose from a town centre café into a shipwreck on a coral reef!

The big backlit dial makes it effortless to browse the time also, while the mineral glass mirror surface is more resistant to dents and also the entire body protective from knocks and bumps. This smart little watch is capable of tracking measures with its pedometer, also calculating calories burned off, in addition to offering users the ABC of altimeter, barometer, and compass also!


  • Reputable brand
  • Analogue-digital confront
  • Water-resistant to 100 m
  • ABC functions


  • Intended for guys only
  • No GPS monitoring or pathfinding
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Perhaps not the maximum battery life when heavily utilized

Can it be your North Face Dive and Sports Watch for me personally?

This dip and sports watch from North Edge should surely find its way on your shortlist for the best digital watch for men with large print, combining conventional analogue looks together with all the advantages of electronic technologies. It’s great features for anybody who likes to get outside, from hills to seabed, which makes it a fantastic all-round digital watch for men with large print!

16. Lad Weather Sensor Master III

Examine the entire list of exactly what the Lad Weather Sensor Master III can monitor and you will feel as if you have got NASA tracking your every movement, calories, best peaks, lap pace, total space… We could fill this whole space only listing them! So this view by Lad Weather definitely matches the requirement of anybody who likes (or wants ) to capture data while travelling. What also makes it a fantastic digital watch for men with large print is that it’s preset with 59 town time zones, can provide a weather forecast for the place, has two daily alarms, AND is water-resistant to 100 m much deeper then you are ever going to go unless scuba diving!


  • Fantastic data collection
  • Preset town time zones
  • Weather forecasting
  • Water-resistant to 100 m


  • Too complicated for a few travellers
  • Large dial face
  • Thermometer role can be affected by body warmth
  • Plastic dial window

Is your Lad Weather Sensor Master III for me personally?

Greatly improved within the Sensor Master I, the Sensor Master III is a phenomenal digital watch for men with a large print by Lad Weather. Having obviously absorbed customer responses from the previous versions, this digital watch for men with large print is equally well protected against physical damage and packed full of very helpful observation and forecasting information!

17. Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark

And lastly… we deliver you the Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark and unbeatable digital watch for men with a large print in regards to durability! Comprising a remarkably mild carbon chemical instance, this analogue watch has been analyzed to 20 atmospheres of pressure, has a window created out of tempered mineral glass, also contains the additional protected of a double-gasket safety crown.

The big numbers on the face make it easy to see in all light levels, even though the in-built Luminox lighting technologies will provide constant night light for up to 25 decades! The Swiss-made motion includes a two-year warranty against flaws, providing added reassurance!


  • Quite mild on the wrist
  • Durable
  • Additional Luminox lighting technology
  • Swiss-made motion for precision


  • Imported from the US for UK clients
  • Analogue instead of electronic
  • Large bezel amounts can confuse time
  • No distinct time zone configurations

Is your Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark for me personally?

When it’s good enough for the Navy SEALs its good enough for us, right? As you would expect from an opinion designed for army personnel that this Luminox is as tough as old boots and you would need to actually go out of your way to harm it excellent news for many travellers! Additionally, it has a Swiss-made motion for precision and advanced lighting technologies for assessing the time in the dim.

Purchasing Guide for an Ideal Travel Watch

Jewellery is the most counterfeited products available on the marketplace; you could get pulled by a seller at the Orient offering you a ridiculous price for a luxury watch- do not be tempted as you’ll waste not just cash, but individuals that have a fantastic eye for watches will probably understand it is fake.

To prevent falling victims to these events, have the next steps on your mind before purchasing one:

  • Is your newest well known or genuine is it? You might not understand all of the watch manufacturers, but Google will surely assist you with that.
  • Very good watches Are Costly, but we’ve got crafted watch from a Fantastic brand in a deal – pick the version using a title
  • Always check the Purchase Price of the Exact Same watch from other shops – if They’re same the gap will not be too much

Always bargain the Purchase Price

Purchase what you love not as a friend has it or you enjoy the ad (or possibly )

Examine the maintenance and servicing cost prior to paying to get a watch. Some can be quite costly to keep.

Finest Travel Watch: Things To Consider

World time zones: your own digital watch for men with large print ought to automatically respond to a shift in the time and respond accordingly as a result of radio and satellite signals. Some watches permit you to manually place it effortlessly.

Chronometer: permits your view to producing accurate period as 1/1000th of a second

GPS and Tracking apparatus: as a traveller, monitoring and GPS are extremely important. GPS is great for trekking or Looking for a place or even exercising just like walking

It needs to be water-resistant: Most travelling chains are water-resistant and since watches are easy to slip or get lost, having one that’ll delight in all of your adventure including water action will be spot on. Please assess the water evaluation, else you risk damaging the opinion

The capacity to control: the battery would be the principal drawback of several watches; make sure your watch has a different charging origin or move for solar-powered watches.

The make and model: that may not be significant, however for professionals and business travellers, there’s not anything better than a watch which reflects your personality, attitude, and character.

FAQ’s on Best Travel Watch

Below are the few questions on Greatest Travel Watch that everybody is hoping to reply and that I did include the exact same for my own readers.

What’s the very best outdoor watch?

1. Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph Men’s Travel Watch

2. Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Watch

3. Suunto Core Army style Outside Men’s Travel Watch

4. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Titanium

5. Tissot Seastar 1000 Men’s Travel Watch

Can there be an opinion that automatically alters time zones?

Seiko sees built-in GPS will alter timezones mechanically.


Watches are accessory worth investing in; a fantastic watch will last for decades and also assist you in making fantastic memories. The watches recorded here are a few of the very best travel chains which will accompany you everywhere on Earth. Receive a watch now, you may enjoy it.

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