Contrary to popular belief, wristwatches weren’t made for fashion. Several historical accounts state that they were specifically designed to be used in the military as a convenient way for soldiers and war generals to tell time without having to open their pockets repeatedly.

Wristwatches definitely went beyond being military essentials to a staple in men’s jewelry, and it’s not surprising that a plethora of watch brands with varying styles and functions are available in the market. The downside is that too many options can overwhelm you, but don’t worry! We have here the best watch brands for men that are considered customer favorites for their eye-catching styles and impressive functions. Whether you’re into classic timepieces or sports watches, these brands will certainly deliver!

01. TAG Heuer

For those who aren’t aware of the real meaning behind the luxury brand’s name, TAG means ‘Techniques d’Avant Garde’ while Heur comes from the founder’s surname, Edouard Heuer. Their wristwatches are now far from traditional timepieces and have gained a loyal following for their sophisticated sports-like design. Most of their chronographs still have the classic appeal of an analog watch, but they have also ventured to modern digital wristwatches and smartwatches.

02. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet watches were first introduced to the world in 1875, and definitely have made a mark among its competitors when they released the Royal Oak, considered as the first-ever steel luxury sports watch, in 1972. This gamechanger of a watch changed the norm of gold watches and highlighted the allure of steel wristwatches.

03. Rolex

When talking about luxury watch brands, Rolex definitely rises among other, if not all, brands. It’s impossible not to mention this brand, because this has become the standard of what a great watch should be. Rolex watches aren’t only good to look at, but they are also functional and serve the exact purpose that it was made for, no let-downs.

04. Breitling

If you ask any watch connoisseur about the brand that best represents pilots, everyone will utter the same answer: Breitling. This was founded in 1884, but several years have passed and they still stay true to their roots in aviation. Most of their watches have functions that are geared towards pilots, but they have expanded their expertise to dive watches that will certainly benefit from the functions of their classic watches.

05. Hublot

Despite being a few years younger than other well-established watch brands, Hublot is one of the few brands that have risen to the same level as other luxury brands. Founded in 1980, this brand has continued to release award-winning collections that anyone will definitely want to have wear on their wrists. This just goes to show that even the newcomers can prove themselves to be a formidable brand despite the tough competition.

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